Coronavirus Do’s and Don’ts in Public Places of Dubai

Dubai Government is popular for taking initiatives for the welfare of its public. UAE is the first government that created the Community Ministry to work on the welfare of the people. How they can forget their nation amid coronavirus outbreak? UAE Government has announced a ban on traveling and offered a free delivery service for ..

Impressive Safety Measures Taken by UAE Government amid COVID-19

Coronavirus has affected every field of life. No country is safe from its attack and every government is taking measures to keep people safe from the deadly plague. UAE Government has also taken impressive initiatives to help citizens in this difficult time. Let’s have a look at how the UAE Government is dealing with this ..

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Tips to Stay Safe from Coronavirus during Travel

There might be any person who doesn’t know about the coronavirus as it’s the most discussed topic in these days. It’s contagious and demands proper care if you want to stay safe from its side effects. The risks of getting affected are to travelers due to excessive interaction. It’s highly recommended to stay home and ..

Dubai Dhow Dinner Cruise- A Romantic Night with your Partner

Dubai dhow dinner cruise is one of the most romantic ways to enjoy some quality time with your partner. Couples who adore nature should not miss this experience as it’s a complete package for love birds. Scrumptious food, starry sky, and the spectacular view of skyscrapers create a romantic environment. Dhow cruise is actually a ..

Skydive Dubai- All You Need to Know

Adventure activities in Dubai are a big reason to choose Dubai as your next travel destination. Among all these activities, skydiving is one of its type that lets you test your limits and the inner daredevil. Indoor skydive and outdoor skydive are the two options that one can experience in Dubai and both are outstanding ..

Unique Aspects of Dubai which You Can’t Find in another City

Dubai is popular for its shiny sand dunes and modern lifestyle. What was impossible for the rest of the world, Dubai made it possible and earned fame as the land of manmade marvels. The city invites over 15 million tourists annually and ranked as one of the favorite tourists’ destinations. It’s unique in many aspects ..

Coronavirus- Stay Safe while Travelling

We all know that Coronavirus has spread like a wildfire and it caused several lives. The issue has limited the tourists’ activities and made tourists cancel their plans. The situation in UAE isn’t different where there are 27 cases confirmed about coronavirus. Photo Credit: KSNV If you have already paid for your travel package to ..

3 Best Indoor Theme Parks in Dubai

Dubai gives many reasons for tourists to opt for it as their next destination. Indoor theme parks are one of the best attractions for families visiting Dubai with kids. These parks are designed for adventure lovers and let you enjoy different rides. Test your boldness and take it one step ahead. Let’s have a quick ..

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5 Thrilling Activities You Should Experience in Dubai Garden Glow

There is no dearth of theme parks in Dubai which offer thrilling activities of the different scary level. If you are planning a trip with toddlers and young kids, then Dubai Garden Glow is the best choice that offers exciting activities for every age group. The moment you enter into the park, it’s exhilarating and ..

5 Interesting Reasons to Visit Dubai Global Village

Visiting Dubai Global Village is like visiting 75 countries in one-day. It reflects the culture and heritage of every country. This enormous festival and shopping arena is also a heaven for theme park lovers and lets them enjoy 50 thrilling rides and 100 arcade games. So, whether you have an artistic soul, foodie, adventure enthusiast, ..