Skydive Dubai- All You Need to Know

Adventure activities in Dubai are a big reason to choose Dubai as your next travel destination. Among all these activities, skydiving is one of its type that lets you test your limits and the inner daredevil. Indoor skydive and outdoor skydive are the two options that one can experience in Dubai and both are outstanding in their way.

Outdoor Skydive Dubai 

Outdoor skydiving depends on the weather conditions as you can’t do it in scorching heat or windy situations. Winter is the best season for outdoor skydiving. It is further divided into different types such as Tandem Skydive Dubai and professional Skydive. In Tandem, you will be fastened tightly on the back of the instructor and will jump from the height from a height of 13, 000 feet while professional skydiving is performed by professionals as solo skydiver from different heights.

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Indoor Skydive Dubai 

Indoor skydiving is an absolutely different experience that is performed inside a hall where free-fall conditions of outdoor skydiving are simulated within a vertical wind tunnel and no outdoor activity is involved. It’s a safe and good option for kids and ladies have a faint heart. Unlike the outdoor skydive Dubai, you can’t enjoy beautiful landscapes and the view of skyscrapers.

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Skydive Dubai Safety Tips

Those who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol never allowed to perform this activity. A complete checkup is done by a doctor that also includes physical checkup, i.e. men must have 100kg or less while the weight limit for women is 90kg. Those who don’t meet the weight limit can’t take part in this activity.

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Here are some other situations which can disqualify from experiencing this thrilling activity.

  • Pregnant women are not allowed.
  • 70-years old people need NOC from a doctor
  • Kids must have a minimum 3-years age for an indoor activity
  • It’s necessary to sign a waiver before taking part in skydiving.


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