Dubai Dhow Dinner Cruise- A Romantic Night with your Partner

Dubai dhow dinner cruise is one of the most romantic ways to enjoy some quality time with your partner. Couples who adore nature should not miss this experience as it’s a complete package for love birds. Scrumptious food, starry sky, and the spectacular view of skyscrapers create a romantic environment.

Dhow cruise is actually a wooden boat that you might have seen in movies and seasons. They move slowly among skyscrapers and landmarks so you can also see this advanced city from a serene environment. Soft music is played by the band that enhances the ambiance of the situation and adds value to romanticism. You can also perform a couple dance together on the mesmerism sound of music.

There is no deficiency of entertainment opportunities in the dhow cruise and one can enjoy belly dance performances on the cruise that is a traditional dance and loved a lot by tourists.  In some of the dhow cruises, magicians are also present who stuns viewers from their amazing performances. You can also meet famous magicians who are popular all over the world due to their exceptional skills.

It would be unjust to not mention the vibrant and eye-appealing lights of Dubai dhow dinner cruise which creates an awe-inspiring view due to the multicolor hues they emit. If customers want, they can ask for a theme and management will fulfill their request better then their expectations.

Food & Ambience

Food is prepared by the experienced chefs who know how to enhance the taste of the food without losing the natural essence. Customized drinks are also available so the couples can enhance the excitement level and enjoy the dinner thoroughly.

Another big reason for choosing Dubai dhow diner cruise is getting full of the city. You can choose between the old city and the new city and decide whether you want to see the traditional old city or tall skyscrapers full of vibrant views. In other words, you can say that isn’t just a dinner, but a complete entertainment package.


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