Unique Aspects of Dubai which You Can’t Find in another City

Dubai is popular for its shiny sand dunes and modern lifestyle. What was impossible for the rest of the world, Dubai made it possible and earned fame as the land of manmade marvels. The city invites over 15 million tourists annually and ranked as one of the favorite tourists’ destinations. It’s unique in many aspects and here are some features which you can’t find in another city.

Spectacular Skyline

Dubai has the most impressive skyline in the world which stun viewers from their awe-inspiring architecture. Burk Khalifa is the tallest building in the world that is one of its own types while the second tallest residential building, Marina 101 is also present in Dubai. Princesses Tower, Elite Residences, Almas Tower, and The Torch are also worth seeing buildings. But, the list never ends here!

Second to None Shopping Experience  

Dubai is no less than a heaven for shopping lovers. Gigantic shopping centers have thousands of shops, retails, and brands’ outlets. Dubai Mall is the biggest shopping center where 1200+ stores are present.

Mall of Emirates Dubai is another mega-mall where you can experience different thrilling activities other shopping. Other than numerous shopping centers, Dubai also organizes month-long shopping festivals.

Jumeirah Beach Dubai

Adventure to Remember  

There is no scarcity of adventurous activities in Dubai. Indoor theme parks are in abundance which lets you test your adventurous soul while outdoor adventurous activities are also super exciting. Experiencing  Desert safari Dubai activities are also a good option for those looking for desert adventures such as dune bashing, fat bike riding, and camel riding.

Ministers to Improve the Quality of Life  

Dubai is the first city where the Minister of Artificial Intelligence and Minister of Tolerance are appointed and they are actively working to improve the quality of living. Their appointment is a part of Dubai’s government ambition to make the country a leader of technology and robotics.

Isn’t it impressive? But, don’t take our words for it and visit the city yourself and explore all the aspects which we didn’t mention in the blog.


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