Coronavirus- Stay Safe while Travelling

We all know that Coronavirus has spread like a wildfire and it caused several lives. The issue has limited the tourists’ activities and made tourists cancel their plans. The situation in UAE isn’t different where there are 27 cases confirmed about coronavirus.

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If you have already paid for your travel package to Dubai and cancellation doesn’t seem a good option, then all you need to do is to follow safety measures. Dubai Doctors have also advised people to don’t be panic and get take safety measures to keep themselves safe during travel.

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The number of confirmed cases in UAE is less than the confirmed cases in England and still, no death has reported. So, you can say that visiting Dubai these days isn’t harmful if you take all the safety measures. However, if you are planning trip just to attend the Yoga Festival or Electronic Music Ultra Festival, then you must know that these events are postponed by the management. Hindu Holi Festival was also canceled due to the safety measures.

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What are safety instructions you should follow if visiting Dubai in these days? Let’s discuss together.

  • Keep your hand clean and wash it with a good hand sanitizer. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is recommended by the doctors.
  • Use a face mask and keep your body covered when going outside.
  • Avoid going outside in a populated area if not feeling well.
  • Keep your home and surroundings clean.
  • Eat and drink healthy food and avoid eating street food.
  • Avoid touching things on airports and don’t shake hands with everyone.
  • Immediately contact a nearby doctor if you are not feeling well.


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