Coronavirus Do’s and Don’ts in Public Places of Dubai

Dubai Government is popular for taking initiatives for the welfare of its public. UAE is the first government that created the Community Ministry to work on the welfare of the people. How they can forget their nation amid coronavirus outbreak? UAE Government has announced a ban on traveling and offered a free delivery service for medicines. 24/7 medical services are available in the hospital and people can even talk to doctors online.

Shopping malls and restaurants in Dubai are also partially closed and they also have imposed a ban on community swimming pools. UAE Health Department has advised people to take the following precautions when present in public places.

Precautions at Public Places

People aren’t allowed to visit places unnecessarily and even mosques aren’t open for prayers. However, if it’s urgent to go out then keep at least three feet from another person and avoid shaking hands. What are the don’s and don’t in public places in Dubai? Let’s discuss this in detail.

Things to Do in Public

  • Wear a facemask.
  • Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer after touching anything
  • Keep your outfit and things clean
  • Use a tissue paper to open a door
  • Spray your vehicles and belongings to kill germs
  • Change clothes immediately when coming back home after visiting a public place
  • Take shower once or twice in a day
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  • Photo Credit: Gulf News

Things to Don’t Do in Public  

  • Don’t touch any shared facility and keep away from crowds
  • It’s better to stay at home and don’t go to the gym. However, avoid using shared equipment if it’s necessary to go out.
  • Don’t use a used towel in a shared place and it’s better to separate your frequently used utensils such as mug and cups.
  • Don’t go to salons and clinics if they aren’t following hygienic and disinfection practices.
  • Don’t use used blades and was threads
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  • Photo Credit: WHO

Though the death ratio from coronavirus is just 3%, to ensure safety and prevent severe conditions, it’s mandatory to follow safety precautions. Postpone your local travel plans and stay at home to keep alive and stay healthy.


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