Impressive Safety Measures Taken by UAE Government amid COVID-19

Coronavirus has affected every field of life. No country is safe from its attack and every government is taking measures to keep people safe from the deadly plague. UAE Government has also taken impressive initiatives to help citizens in this difficult time. Let’s have a look at how the UAE Government is dealing with this situation.

The government has stopped all sorts of travel activities and closed public parks, restaurants, and public gatherings. Community pools are also closed to prevent the dangers of coronavirus that spread easily from one person to another.

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Government employees can work from and elderly workers over 50 and mothers having small kids can stay at home. It’s a great initiative to keep safe as the elderly people and toddlers are more vulnerable to coronavirus. Mothers can take care of kids and work from home with a peace of mind.

Mosques and public places are also closed temporarily and the management has asked people to fulfill their religious rituals from home. Restaurants and food stalls are also said to not let a person in the place if see the symptoms flu. Restrict measures are also taken regarding the hygienic standards of the food.

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Many businesses have endured huge losses due to the outbreak of coronavirus especially the travel industry. People can’t visit the city and enjoy thrilling activities in Dubai. UAE Government has announced a package of $27 billion for small businesses and banks that is really a big amount.

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Medicines will be delivered directly to homes and patients can discuss their conditions online. The government is also monitoring rumor mongers who are trying to spread rumors. They have announced jail for people who are trying to create a panic situation.


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