Hot Air Balloon Adventure activities Over the Dubai Desert

The tour to Dubai is incomplete without traveling to the Dubai desert. And there are many adventurous activities in the Dubai desert that you can enjoy on your tour. These activities are Ride-on dunes in a buggy, an Air-conditioned Vehicle, and a Bicycle. A delicious meal with belly dance and Arabian music and many other ..

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Coronavirus Do’s and Don’ts in Public Places of Dubai

Dubai Government is popular for taking initiatives for the welfare of its public. UAE is the first government that created the Community Ministry to work on the welfare of the people. How they can forget their nation amid coronavirus outbreak? UAE Government has announced a ban on traveling and offered a free delivery service for ..

Tips to Stay Safe from Coronavirus during Travel

There might be any person who doesn’t know about the coronavirus as it’s the most discussed topic in these days. It’s contagious and demands proper care if you want to stay safe from its side effects. The risks of getting affected are to travelers due to excessive interaction. It’s highly recommended to stay home and ..

5 Awe-inspiring Activities to Do in Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is a manmade marvel that resembles a palm tree. It’s not just the shape of this artificial archipelago that inspires tourists and make them visit the place, but there are also some amazing activities it offers such as Jumeirah resorts, restaurants, and art galleries. Want to know more? Let’s discuss it together! See ..

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