7 Reasons That Make Dubai Popular Tourist Destination

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Over the years Dubai has progressed to become one of the world’s most prestigious and standard tourists attractions, expand tourism in Dubai, have attractive guests from totally different sectors to its shores to expertise what the ‘must visit’ destination must supply.

Dubai is the city of lights and it is a well mature town and notable for its luxurious, world’s most modern construction, and stunning nightlife views. It is known as the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.). Dubai is the country where Law and Order is maintained throughout the state and visitors can feel safe and secure whereas exploring the realm at any given the time of day.

Eventually, though metropolis is taken into account as a secure travel destination, it’s still crucial to take care of yourself, your belongings and also the surroundings. The Security services contributes a lot in large numbers of tourism in Dubai.  Now you may think bro why do we should visit Dubai Only? So  there are 7 Reasons That Make Dubai Popular Tourist Destination.


Dubai is famous for its construction. Since 2005, Dubai has always attracted the tourists for its eye catchy buildings and also a reason for tourism in Dubai. Dubai is home of the world’s highest skyscraper, “BURJ KHALIFA”.

Moreover, there are plenty of other skyscrapers in Dubai including “Marina101”, “Princess Tower”, “Elite residence” and “ Almas Tower”. This town is a human-made jungle with hypnotic design. One may go in awe of for sure!!


Dubai is the heart of the biggest shopping malls in the world, in which the renowned Dubai Mall alone is covering up to 12 million square feet. There are more than 96 shopping malls.

 The shopping malls are modern, air-conditioned and gives you the latest featured fashion. The shopping has made enough contribution for the tourism in Dubai because a lot of people come just to collect stuff from Dubai shopping malls. Moreover, you can also explore the gold markets, which offer platinum, diamonds and sometimes silver at very low prices than you can find in the UK or anywhere else. Dubai is a paradise for the shopaholics and surely they will go crazy.


Tourism in Dubai has made Dubai a place of remarkable and astonishing views one can see. Another brilliant mind of Dubai has made an artificial Palm Beach with an eye catchy scenery.

The Palm Jumeirah is made by three planned Palm Islands. In Dubai, Palm Jumeirah is a place of complete package for tourists to stay because it has shopping malls, hotels, beaches resorts and stunning theme parks.


Dubai serves plenty of food dishes. It is the city where you can taste any kind of food including Pakistani to Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Britain, Italian, European, Turkish or whatever you want. Some spices that dominate any traditional Emirate menu include cardamom, saffron, cinnamon, and turmeric.

The taste of food itself speaks. One won’t be able to eat similar to that food anywhere. You can get the global cuisines in a single city to enlarge tourism in Dubai. From traditional restaurants serving local dishes to a wealth of entertainment options, Dubai has everything to offer and make it call the city best tourist destination.


Dubai offers plenty of occasions and activities for the adventurous tourists to make tourism in Dubai more active and crowded. It offers skydiving, both inside skydiving for the one’s having weak heart and outdoor skydiving that you can perform with and without your diving partner as per your choice, parasailing, desert safari, Ski Dubai and you can also explore water wonders at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.

Dubai is a city you can call “Family-friendly”. It gives all opportunities to explore and enjoy whether you’ve got children or not. It really goes the extra mile during summer, offering free festivals and events for children all over the city. In shopping malls, you’ll find kids’ clubs and entertainment sections including balloon artists, puppet shows and pop-up theaters.


Dubai is always open for the tourists who would love to explore the culture and history of this country. Dubai still has some districts that are same and you can feel the spirituality there if you visit.


You can go and visit the Al Fahidi Historical District and old Dubai with a walking tour to the Dubai Museum located in the Al Fahidi Fort to seek knowledge about Dubai’s evolution and then revolution from a small fishing village to a majestic universal city. When you enter there, a feeling of energy and high spirits will get into your body and soul, afterwards no matter where you go in Dubai, whether that is to watch fantastic firework displays or visiting local markets or going to ski Dubai or anywhere. The feeling will remain same.


Dubai offers the fastest and easiest visa process that enables the tourists more delighted and excited for their trip to their dream country, so they can explore what they are looking for. Dubai is always open for all the countries in the world. The warm and welcoming staff either you are at Dubai Embassy or in a Hotel of Dubai makes one feel more comfortable. Dubai even offers visa in 24 hours service as well that makes the tours more excited. All the perks that are offered by Dubai eventually make itself call the best tourist destination. There is a lot more that is being offered by Dubai.

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