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One of the most notorious developments, the palm Jumeirah in Dubai is an asylum for tourists. The palm Jumeirah is the world’s first man-made artificial island. Dubai is the city of treasure and palm Jumeirah stands unique of them.it includes 2 kilometers of long trunk. A crown made up of 17 fronds giving it a shape of palm tree.

On palm Jumeirah, one can surely enjoy an extreme range of dining restaurants, clubs, beaches and various other activities. Palm Jumeirah is the ideal spot to visit and remain on vacations at Dubai. There are innumerable shops and many attractions that lie between these stations.

There are many “things to do at the palm Jumeirah”. Apart from other recreational activities, you can indulge yourself in water sport and skydiving.

Water Activities:

There are many water activities spots that you can enjoy at palm Jumeirah. Scuba diving, speed water boating, snorkeling and many others. Skydiving is also a cool thing to do at the palm of Jumeirah.

The skydive offer courses that you can learn to become a pro skydive. The jump on bounce off transport is the most ideal approach to investigate the palm island where you can explore and take photographs of the site through the glass window without affected by the heat. The bus will have a commentary, tourist’s narration and 12 different languages. In this way you can explore more about the country and its culture.

Cruise Tour:

The second thing to do at palm Jumeirah is a cruise Tour. It is a one-hour journey where you can explore the palm island and enjoy the view of the skyline. The tour starts from the west Marina on palm Jumeirah. You can also capture photos at photo stop.

Aqua Venture Park:

The thirt thing to do at the palm Jumeirah is Equivalent Water Park, located at Atlantis is one of the best water park in Dubai. Have various Rides for kids and adults. This water park is a compulsory visit for Families. Leap of faith is a popular ride in water park. Aqua venture water park is a top Attraction in palm Island.

Lost Chamber Aquarium:

The fourth thing to do at palm Jumeirah is to visit the lost chamber Aquarium. The lost chamber aquarium is a home for different water species includes jelly fishes to stingrays, sharks and other fishes along with plant life. The underwater tunnel has ten different themed chambers to let you explore this marine life. The adventurous tour gives you the opportunity to discover and experience the lifestyle of Atlantes citizen. Moreover, the scuba divers doing live feeding to the animals.

Kayak tour:

If one wants to make a tour more exciting and memorable the thing to do is to have a Kayak tour. You can enjoy two and half hour kayak tours on the crystal clear water. The journey starts from the hotel on the east crescent moving westward to rest on the scheduled beach where you can also enjoy the beautiful views of Dubai Marina. Tour is conducted by professionals you can go for single or double kayak.

Paddle boarding:

The thing to do at palm Jumeirah is paddle boarding. The ride starts at 15minutes to talk on safety and basic precautions. The lesson starts from the Sofitel hotel where you will paddle around the palm and Atlantis back. You can enjoy and observe the clear blue water of the Arabian Gulf.

Monorail link:

Things to do at palm Jumeirah are to visit Monorail link. Monorail is the way to bypass traffic. While crossing the Monorail you will have the opportunity to view the palm from different angles. One Advantage of Monorail is you can see the base of the palm trunk and also capture some memorable pictures there. Furthermore, you will also be able to enjoy the remarkable view of Atlantis And the beautiful Arabian Gulf.

World Best Shopping:

Dubai is a heaven for those who have interest in shopping and Palm Jumeirah is not an exception in that. The island has many splendid shops where tourists can have some magnificent shopping.  Palm Jumeirah also offers five-star hotels, beach cafés, restaurants and many others for foodilicious. You will taste variety of food dishes in a one place.

Free fall Skydive:

For adrenaline rush, the thing to do at palm Jumeirah is free fall over the island, skydive Dubai offers to jump of the plane as it voyage over the palm Jumeirah. Reaching speed up to 120mph offering mind-blowing view of the palm. You can also get your pulse racing with a wild Ride of speedboat. The pulse Racing 90 minutes speedboat ride starts from the Dubai Marina. You can also capture photos in front of Atlantes.

Get Coffee Spiked Spa Treatment:

One cool thing to do at palm Jumeirah is to get coffee spiked spa treatment to turn on your senses.  The tallies’ ottoman spa is the most luxurious day spa in Dubai. It has a lot of exciting offers. You will be buffed and scrubbed at a coffee peeling treatment or you can also treat yourself for a full day which include face mask, body rituals and rose bath. It also includes lunch and night stay for two.

Helicopter Tour:

The other mesmerizing thing to do at palm Jumeirah to watch the beautiful views from the helicopter tour. You can see the most beautiful and catchy view of palm Jumeirah from helicopter. The helicopter departs from the palm and flies for 25 minutes. From where you can view the breathtaking moments of palm and world Island.

Get The Best Hotels Access:

There are many beach clubs in Dubai which keep you cool from the dangerous heat of Dubai. One of the biggest benefits of palm Jumeirah is the list of hotels. Some best hotels include Jumeirah zabeel saray. The one and only the palm and many more that make your experience more memorable. You can enjoy the range of dishes and live cooking sessions from the world.

Visit Pro Art Gallery:

If you are interested in fine arts so you need to visit pro art gallery in palm Jumeirah, Dubai. This amazing gallery consist of impressive paintings, photographs and sculptures and many others. It is the best place for art and craft enthusiasts, interior designer And it makes your tour more memorable. For Tourists there are many other recommendations and some other things to do at palm Jumeirah.

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