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Dubai city is full of magic and surprises. There are many famous places but one of the most attractive places is Safari desert in Dubai. Dubai’s landscape is mostly sandy along with desert found at southern region. Its sand is fine, clean Consist crushed coral and shell.

You’ll Enjoy The Exciting Sandy Deserts:

In the event that you actually visit Dubai, you should visit “Desert Safari in Dubai”. Desert Safari is one of the bravest and exciting sandy deserts. Desert Safari experience is beyond words and phrase. Tour start with pickup point on 4 wheeler vehicles But it has also some other options like Quad bike safari, camel safari, Buggy safari, Night safari and Sand boarding.

 Get The Best Views, Morning-Evening-Night:

 Desert Safari in Dubai works three kinds of bundles – Morning, Evening And overnight Safari. Whichever package you choose it is always packaged with attraction of belly dance, henna, BBQ dinners, Tattoos, sheesha other refreshments. When you explore the deserts cape you also explore traditional lifestyle in Arabia. You can head over to some exciting activities such as sand Boarding, Quad biking and dune bashing.

Get the Dune bashing with Camp:

The desert safari provides 20 minutes of dune bashing along with camp where you can take rides. Every Activity is equally safe and full of thrill. Morning Safari is a classical tour that are planned to offer you a special Experience you can enjoy in early hours and can collect memories to reminisce. One of the best things one should know about desert safari is its timing. It must be evening desert Safari. In Evening, safari starts from 3pm to 9pm when the golden sand slowly turn into pinkish sand under the evening sun. .That is the time when you actually see the beauty of this unique desert. Evening is the time when you can see the nightfall over the ridges.

Get best Night View with your partner:

After refreshment you can choose to take part in quad biking, camel riding and dune bashing. On the off chance that you are searching for a night opening, at that point you can have a sentimental BBQ supper in desert camp alongside the exceptional ones. Overnight safaris are much the same as night safari. You get an opportunity to remain for the time being under the twilight with covers and hiking beds.

 Adventurous tour to Arabian Desert:

Explore the Arabian Desert in for the time being the point at which others are resting in the camp. Furthermore, remember to carry a camera to catch quite delightful minutes. Evaluate henna plans and other conventional exercises .After taking a supper, Sit alone to feel the sound of wind in the quiet and tranquil night. Dune bashing is one of the major attractions in Dubai, generally you will picked up from the place of stay in a vehicle land cruiser or hummer.

Best rides with Experienced Drivers:

It will be an accomplished driver who deals with the ride. Riding through the ridges on the desert is an encounter nobody can fail to remember .This is the motivation behind why most voyagers need to go to abandon safari in Dubai.

Sand skating Adventure:

 The other thing you can appreciate other than hill slamming is sand skating. Skating on the sand dune of Arabia is another level of adventure. Sand skating is similar as ice skating. Skating gears is provided to the traveler to enjoy the skating and then the team take care all the skaters to ensure that they are never injured.

You can ride the Buggy:

Another alternative for monstrous experience is ridging Bugging. An experience driver of buggy takes you for a wild and adrenaline filled ride in the desert of Dubai. You can observe the mesmerizing views of deserts .Minimum Age needed for dune bugging is 15 years and all the safety gears has to be worn .

Best And Memorable Pictures and Views:

Not as quick as rise slamming but rather likewise an exciting encounter as well. That is the place you can enjoy at its peak. You will find the shops where you can purchase the Arabic Antiques items and other gifts for your loved ones, you can also take Arabic costumes on rent to take pictures, and you can also even pose by holding falcon or eagle in your hands or on shoulders.

Have a Camel Ride:

A desert safari in Dubai is 5-6 hours in length energizing visit and experience. For all those who prefer slow rides can go with camel riding .This is the popular Ride when we think about Desert. This also gives an opportunity to explore how ancient people used to travel between different parts of the world. Camels are generally praised by giving them a title Desert’s Ship. A desert safari in Dubai regularly begins with viewing the dawn in morning safari.

Enjoy the Bonfire:

The deserts are also called the golden sands of Arabia. To make your tour memorable, after dinner you can relax beside a glowing bonfire and enjoy the pure moments of overnight desert camping in Dubai. Some tourists also choose private desert tours. Summer is also a perfect time for a tour. In Dubai, sand heats up in the morning and cools down rapidly in the evening. It is recommended to wear loose clothes or open shoes or sandals.

Explore Desert Safari in Hot Air-Balloon:

Hot air balloon journeys in Dubai usually start early in the morning. The reasonable temperature and climate conditions direct the circumstance of the occasion. Hot air Balloon Activity ordinarily happens under the gentle morning sun. The journey begins when you are picked from the place of residence.

When you reach the desert, the only light comes from the fire of a hot air balloon. When you are in Air Balloon that is an ideal opportunity to take picture and take in the excellence that encompasses you. The Sunrise, from this height and angle is truly memorable .The duration of the Air Balloon flight is about one hour depend on the tourist requirement and you can enjoy gently floating over 4000feet

After landing, you will be served an Arabic breakfast alongside tea and espresso. Most Air Balloon visits incorporate desert Safari too.

Experience Cycling:

Cycling in the desert isn’t unthinkable any longer .Fat bicycle is your help for cycling in the desert. . Fat bikes or bicycles are introduced in safari desert with thick wheels. Fat bicycles or bikes are presented in safari desert with thick tires. For tourists, A Safari desert in Dubai makes for a memorable Experience.

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