Every interesting thing You Need To Know About Desert Safari in Dubai

Dubai city is full of magic and surprises. There are many famous places but one of the most attractive places is Safari desert in Dubai. Dubai’s landscape is mostly sandy along with desert found at southern region. Its sand is fine, clean Consist crushed coral and shell. You’ll Enjoy The Exciting Sandy Deserts: In the ..

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Spend Your Winter Vacations In Dubai-Best Things To Do

Dubai is one excellent city which is identical with art, architecture, and modern development as it has advanced from a dry desert to an essence of modern infrastructure. Winters is undoubtedly the best time of year to visit Dubai. During the day it’s still warm enough to lie in the sun and swim, but best ..

Great Experience-Majestic Monuments in Dubai

Rising from the warm shores of the Persian Gulf and the shifting sands of the Arabian Desert, is the city of Dubai, the largest emirate in the United Arab Emirates. For two centuries, Dubai was not much more than a tiny trading port on the banks of Dubai Creek. But in less than a single ..

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Multicultural dining scene -5 Must Visit restaurants in Dubai

Dubai is indeed the city of gold with modern features and luxury everywhere on the view. The city is famous because of its reputation and beautiful restaurant scene with every meal perfect to your expectation. Dubai is where most culinary showcases their talent to international visitors ready to enjoy a great meal. Even if the ..

5 Family Theme Parks to Visit in Dubai

Parks! Especially when you are with your family on a tour to the best places to visit in Dubai. It’s obvious that amusement theme parks are not only just the attractions but are the unavoidable important necessities in your entire trip. As with regards to what to visit in Dubai you have places in plenty ..

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Shark Drive Experience in the Dubai Aquarium

Are you an adventurer? If so, you must have gone to the best places to visit in Dubai, and in particular the shark drive experience in Dubai aquarium. If not yet visited, get into the 10 million litre aquarium in Dubai and meet the most dangerous predator of our planet earth the 300 sharp teeth ..

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Dubai—A Great Mix of Cultures and Ethnicity

  When people think about great melting pots, they usually just think of places like America, Australia, and parts of the UK or Europe.  A hidden gem of ethnicity and culture that almost no one thinks about—Dubai.  Once a sleepy stopover in the middle of a desert, Dubai is now its own cultural melting pot, ..

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Saeed bin Maktoum bin Hasher Al Maktoum Father of Dubai

  Saeed bin Maktoum bin Hasher Al Maktoum was born in 1878. He died in 1958. In 1912 He became the president of Dubai. And stayed at that position until his death. Saeed bin Maktoum became the ruler of Dubai at the end of a pearl boom. Then boom collapsed and the long recession started. ..

How to Celebrate New Year in Dubai

What would New Year’s Eve be without Fireworks? If you are in Dubai on New Year’s Eve, you are in for a treat because some of the best fireworks displays in the world come from Dubai each year. Fireworks The tallest hotel in the world Burl Khalifa has probably the best fireworks displays available. You ..

A day at traditional Desert Safari

    Dubai, as we now know it was not entirely a city with all that skyscrapers and luxury atmosphere. Long before it was so, the whole city was just a desert with a some connecting roads and a few buildings. It also being located on the Arabian gulf does makes it a city build ..

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