Shark Drive Experience in the Dubai Aquarium

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Are you an adventurer? If so, you must have gone to the best places to visit in Dubai, and in particular the shark drive experience in Dubai aquarium. If not yet visited, get into the 10 million litre aquarium in Dubai and meet the most dangerous predator of our planet earth the 300 sharp teeth and 750 pounds weight sand tiger shark face to face.

Spread around 12 million square feet this aquarium is centrally located in Dubai and is one of the most popular places of visit and a non-avoidable attraction for the tourists from around the globe. People with family and kids are crazy about the thrills of the aquarium which offers a numbers of adventures as well as other experiences. You can either take a dive and get the pride of meeting face to face with the mightiest tiger shark or get interested in spending some wonderful moment with around 33000 different types of animals flocking around you. Let’s check with a few interesting facts about this aquarium which is beyond debate among the few of the best places to visit in Dubai.

This water zoo is the world’s largest aquarium measuring 51-meter X 20-meter X 11 meter having 200 species of water animals with variety of sharks including zebra sharks, white and black tip reef sharks, grey reefs and nurse sharks, and other animals like fan tails, cow nose rays, eagle rays, shave nose rays, leopard rays etc.

The acrylic panel of the aquarium is acknowledged as the largest in the Guinness Book of World record measuring 32.8 meter X 8.3 meter X 750 mm, and weighing more than 245000 Kilos.

An interactive information dissemination facility is set up in the second level of the aquarium where you can acquire extensive and in-depth knowledge on three different ecological zones namely Ocean life, Rain forest, and Rocky shore. Rare and valuable information on the curious life living of marine creatures like sea horses, spider crabs, water rats, crocodiles and penguins, jelly fish etc. are the central attractions of this famous aquarium.

Diving and meeting face to face with the sharks is another unique attraction in the aquarium. The aquarium management as per the Dubai tourism direction allow group divers comprising 4 divers in a group to experience the thrills. Dive masters and dive instructors accompany the diving groups all through this exciting experience. If you’ve a diving licence you can directly join the group. For visitors who do not possess the licence or do not know swimming can join a short course and enjoy the adventure. Children above the age of 10 can also take the pleasure of joining the diving group. There are specific medical requirements you need to fill up a form before you can join this adventure trip.

Cage experience is one more thrilling experience of the aquarium in Dubai. You will have to dive in and get into a secured sheltered cage where you will find around 100 creatures including sharks, cow nose rays, clown fishes, crocodiles etc.

There are other numerous experiences equipped with this unique aquarium namely Glass Bottom Boat Riding, Behind the Scene Tour, Tailored Program for Children, Underwater Photography and many more you, you family members along with the children and friends would be crazy to spend time with.

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