Tips to Remain Fit in Dubai amid the Global Pandemic?

Due to the global pandemic the entire world followed the precautionary measures to deal with the uncontrolled spread of Covid-19. And it already made our lives bored and lazy. It started affecting our lives and forced us to find other authentic ways for all kinds of activities.

Now we need to take fitness and COVID-19 along. To control the spread of COVID-19 in Dubai some people already started exercise and it’s important to know the ways to stay fit during COVID-19 and keep your immune system healthy and strong during the pandemic situation. You need to stay fit physically as well as mentally to perform your daily activities so here are some tips to stay fit in Dubai.

Healthy Diet:

The best way to stay safe is to focus on a healthy diet to defeat the virus. A healthy diet is very important as well as exercise. Depending on your circumstances, you have many other options to stay fit in Dubai.

Go on Sea shore for Walk:

 You can also enjoy various outdoor activities that make you mentally strong but under the strict precautionary measures. You will have yourself all alone to have your own time and relax yourself from all the unnecessary things that are bothering you.

Go to Gym:

If you cannot do exercise at home you can also try at gym. At this situation residents are free to go to gym, most beaches and public parks. But again you have to follow safety measures. For people who want to stay fit they really need to know the safety measures, wearing a face mask and keeping social distance is very important. At gym all the equipment’s  are regularly sanitized, checking temperature is mandatory at the entrance of visitors . You can ask your instructor for guidelines if you joined gym newly.

All the guidelines are implemented to keep their visitor safe and protected. In addition, you might need to book a session in advance. It makes gyms protected from crowd and also give extra time to keep equipment’s sanitize before every session.

You can also exercise outside in healthy surrounding if you not prefer gym or indoor exercise.

Exercise at Home:

The next tip to stay fit in Dubai is you can walk or run to keep your immune system strong. So get your gears and start walking.

Go to Park, Beaches, and Hiking trails:

You can enjoy in parks, beaches and hiking trails but one thing you need to keep in mind is to maintain six feet distance. The effective way is to do spirit for 15 seconds. Visitors love to visit Bollywood Park in Dubai.


Cycling is a fun way to spend your time outdoors. Cycling is a type of exercise that you can do to keep your health good. Dubai has many lanes where you can do cycling. This situation cannot stop you from joining fitness classes.

Join Outdoor Yoga Classes:

Many fitness and yoga classes are held outside because it is easier to maintain the distance outside this allows people to exercise in a healthy environment. You can see them in many Dubai parks and beaches and you can also join when you need it.

Exercise at home? Or Gym?

On the contrary many people prefer exercise at home and many of them do not have enough time to join outdoor classes. Maybe you do not have equipment’s and gears at home but still you can do exercise and that should not stop you to boost your health.

You can also find a lot of videos on different social media platforms about how to do exercise at home. Where you find many videos from individuals to entire family can participate.

Exercise at Home:

You can do body weight exercise like push-ups, sit-ups, squats and planks and if you have a dumbbell at home that is even more good. It will keep you fit. You can also use wellness ball this keep your body in shape. The current situation of staying at home has resulted in gaining weight. So you need to take a healthy diet especially homemade diet and fresh green vegetables that make you fit. You need you to pay attention on eating salad instead of eating pizza and other fast foods then you will surely achieve your desired result.

You need to take oranges, green apple and lemon other than that ginger is also helpful to strengthen your immune system.

Climbing Stairs:

The Next simple activity that you can do to stay fit in Dubai or wherever you live you can try is climbing stairs. This can substitute for the cardio exercise is the most effective activity to keep you fit.

Find space in the garden or lounge for a workout that would be the perfect spot for exercise in a lovely weather. Don’t worry if you don’t have equipment’s you can use basic and minimal equipment from the home. You can use a simple bench to jump up and down for cardio. You can also use rope that is a fun activity too and would take back to your childhood.

And you just need a yoga mat for yoga practicing so take a stopwatch and then you can start yoga or planks.

Train your child:

Set some fitness goals for kids too. You need you get involved your kids in a daily workout routine, teach them at home. Start by teaching them simple exercise by social media for children’s. Good sleep also make you fit during COVID-19 and is essential for good health.

Mental Health is essential:

Next tip to stay fit in Dubai or anywhere in the world is to stay healthy mentally too. For this, positively cope with stress and anxiety during pandemic situation. Positive coping mechanism includes meditation, reading and spends quality time with family also develop some useful skill in this time. Talking with loved ones will also reduce anxiety; stay connected with your loved ones by the use of various social apps. Also give time to yourself; personal care also promotes overall wellness.

Set daily and weekly goals for your improvement also balance your sitting time because most of the people spend more than usual time on chair or desk so set an alarm to move or stand and maintain your balance.

These things promote your health and make you to stay fit but with these guidelines you have to follow strict precautionary measures like social distancing, self-care, self-quarantine, wearing a mask when social distancing is not possible these are the first and foremost guidelines. Adopt these steps and stay healthy and fit during pandemic situation.



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