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Dubai is a paradise of beautiful attractions and the breathtaking architectures and is also known for luxury and excessive sources. But if you go with the culture and history of the city that are interesting as a manmade monument like Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab, that you see today.

If you are a visitor or resident who have not visited Dubai museum, this is the time to visit it now and learn about the culture and the life of the city including its origin when everything was covered by the dessert.

Dubai museum makes you amazed as you came to know that Dubai has come to ordinary fishing village to mark it presence on the world map which is recognized for internationally trading and tourism.

There are some interesting facts about Dubai museum that you should have to know before visiting to Dubai museum.

History of Dubai Museum:

First fact is the history of the museum. Museum was initially built in 1787 and was used by the ruler of Dubai in 1896. It has served as a prison, garrison and used as a weapon depot for the monarch ruler. The fort and its artifacts were converted and preserved into a museum by sheikh Rashid bin Saeed al makhtoum.

Location of Dubai Museum:

The second fact of Dubai museum is its location. It is located in the southern part of Dubai. The Dubai museum throw light on the cultural richness of the city. The whole area around the landmark consist of traditional buildings with towers and courtyard that have been restored as the original Arabic designs and beyond the attractions there are also Dubai creek and Dubai’s souks.

Dubai Museum Exhibit:

The Third fact about the museum is Exhibit in the museum. The most popular exhibit in the entire museum is the portrayal of pearl diving and the assortment of collection items like weight, sieves and scales used by the ancient merchants. Dubai Museum is simple from outside but from inside treasure await underground section shows a view of old Dubai’s residents and their way of living. Men drinking coffee and smoking shisha in the street. The museum located in the oasis wing displayed many artifacts made by copper and mud and alabaster. Many tools are also displayed in the museum that shows the simplicity of the culture at that time. Several grave excavations are also obtained that also showcase the simple life of Arab people during that time.

Amazing Gallery and Displays:

The next fact about the Dubai museum is its amazing gallery and unique displays. A number of the small wooden boats there is a barasti house with an air conditioning system that provide cooling before pre electricity era .

Archeological Ruins:

Another highlight of the museum is archeological ruins revealed from Al-qusais Al soffoh and Al-Jumeirah most of which trace back to 2500BC. Some of the most notables are the collection of pottery and animal figures.

Fortification wings:

There is a popular wing in the museum called fortification wings. There is dedicated to ancient weapons including spears, daggers and shields as well as pistols. Weapons with silver khanjars as well as camel bone decoration. Stone inscriptions, bridal wear and jewelry, musical instruments and other traditional dance objects.

Handmade Instrument:

The handmade instruments are also displayed at the museum. The folklore highlights the cultural items are important at that time while the galleries in the museum date farms, Arab house, the souk and videos also showing the evolution of city and the culture of Dubai.

See Rural And urban life together:

The other facts about the Dubai museum is that it also showed the rural and urban life of Dubai and you can view the different aspects of culture of Dubai. The famous displays in the Dubai will give you a view of desert marine coastal and agricultural life of Dubai. After entering into the museum the first thing you come to see is the old map of Dubai and the next room has the options for the audio visual presentation that shows the transformation of the city from that time when oil was discovered in the 1960s till the present day.

Astronomy and Natural Phenomena Wing:

Apart from that there is an astronomy and natural phenomena wing. Museum also contains a masjid wing .On the sea wing of museum you can take off on a breathtaking journey where you can learn about shipbuilding and also learn about manufacture process .

Located in the center of Dubai:

The most interesting thing about is that it is placed inside the city in the 18th century. A tailor, carpenter and an ironsmith along with shops filled with craftsman, vendors le in the street and objects from the daily life of Bedouins and the other things are also found in the museum.

How to go to Museum?

The next thing you need to know is how to get there. Visitors and tourists can take help from Dubai’s transportation system to get to the museum. You will find multiple shops in the stop of museum.Tourist can enter to Dubai museum via public bus. Mostly transport facility is offered by rented vehicles or by tour operators.

Variety of Shops:

There are also shops from 1950s that leave you astonished, the Dubai museum is equipped with well-crafted shop. Dubai is popular for Malls but you will be stunned by the shops from 1950s, there you will find an entire market wing covered with life size displays of stores and merchants from ancient Dubai.

Get Tickets to enter in Museum:

Dubai museum entrances need tickets for touring museums for adults. The ticket is at least of 3AED for every individual and for children the cost of ticket is lower. Ticket for children is at least 1AED age under six years. The Working hours for Dubai museum is from Saturday to Thursday. The museum is opened from 8:30am to 8:30pm but on Friday due to Jumma prayer it is accessible from 2:30am to 8:30pm.

Visit the Dubai museum for more realistic description of the United Arab Emirates and explore the early lifestyle of Dubai and also to appreciate the beautiful development of Dubai that have taken place in Dubai city. If you visit Dubai now you have to follow few precautionary measures like wearing a face mask, maintaining two meters social distancing and sanitize your hands properly just to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

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