Dubai Amazing Upcoming Projects of 2021

Dubai moves toward development in the past few decades. Dubai continues to impress us with the awful buildings, Architecture, And Amazed us with the traditional heritage. The United Arab Emirates shift its land from desert to Human-made buildings. Dubai’s most economy depends on tourism. Many people travel to Dubai just to witness the landscape and Amazing skyscrapers of Dubai. Dubai is at the top of the tourism list all over the world. And it never fails to add new projects to reflect the city’s economic condition. Several projects are completed in 2019 and here is a list of upcoming projects in Dubai for 2021.


Exclusive 9 Dubai

The exclusive 9 is one of the most luxurious and peaceful residences in Dubai. This will be completed in 2021. It is located next to Burj al Arab and it has 9 mansions. And situated directly alongside with Jumeirah beach hotel. It is more than elegant and also consists of nine sea-facing villas and it will be an ideal waterfront living project in Dubai. It will be amazing due to its location. So if you ever visit Dubai in 2021 then you will surely enjoy this Exclusive9.

Yas Bay

Yas Bay Dubai

Yas Bay is also an upcoming project in Dubai in 2021. The total area includes the housing of 15,000 individuals and 19 parks and waterfront zone and entertainment zones with 37 beverages and food stalls, a new indoor arena, two hotels, and creative hubs, and more. The 75 percent completion of this project has been done in October 2019. Due to the pandemic, it will cause a delay. The first phase will be open in 2021 or even before. This will be a mesmerizing project for tourists in Dubai. You will enjoy and never forget this yas bay tour in Dubai.

Al Qana

Al Qana Dubai

The United Arab Emirates new destination for entertainment and dining restaurants. Al Qana was scheduled to open at the end of 2020. This waterfront tourist destination will be the new home for a huge aquarium and VR zone and Sports arena. The bridge is 8000 square meters in space dedicated to various forms of health and wellness. It is spread over three levels of indoor and outdoor space which also include rooftop, garden, and lounge. You will able to witness the dining facilities over the top of the bridge. You will be able to discover cuisine from all over the world. So we are looking forward to seeing the waterfront in 2021 and this will be an amazing upcoming project in Dubai.

Dubai Creek Tower

Dubai Creek Tower

This tower is developed by Emaar properties and the exact height of this tower is still under wraps at the moment. The estimated height of the tower is about 13,00 meters; the height competes with the height of Burj khalifa. And This tower also beat the Jeddah tower. The tower is inspired to stand as the symbol f modern Islam. It keeps standing like the blossoming Lilly flower. It offers a prime location and fantastic views the project is completed in 2020 but the opening will be predicted in 2021.

Port De La Mer

Port De La Mer

Port De La Mer is a Refuge away from the busy city. It consists of 1-4 bedroom apartments where you can select according to your choice with Amazing seaside views. And these views will be worth watching. This will be the freehold community in Jumeirah that has all the much-needed facilities. Port De La Mer is an upcoming project in Dubai and is truly one of a kind island retreat. If you are running from the crowd, then port De La Mer is the right place.

Cherry woods

Dubai Cherry woods

Cheery woods is located on Al Qudra Road, And this will be new master projects that will bring an amazing lifestyle to the Visitors. This introduces the luxury homes with a wide range of variety of top qualities facilities surrounded like cheery blossom like scenery. And this provides an exceptional lifestyle experience and this will be a unique, Ultimate, and residential destination for all the residents. Cheery woods will be the most Amazing upcoming projects in Dubai 2021. The completion of this project will be predicted in 2021.

Emaar Beachfront

Emaar Beachfront

Emaar Beachfront is an upcoming project in Dubai. And a truly cosmopolitan near the sea. Introduce one, Two, Three, and four-bedroom luxury apartments. The project will be a framework between Dubai Marina and New Dubai. Allow you to view the most iconic views of Dubai with Amazing views of the Arabian Gulf. And this will be famous in the emirates, you will be amazed to see the breathtaking view of entire Dubai. And if you want to live on an island you need to visit this Emaar Beachfront. You will be provided with all the facilities there. This will be completed in 2021 or even more time it takes to open.

Dubai Creek Beach

Dubai Creek Beach

Dubai Creek Beach is also an upcoming project of 2021 in Dubai. It is located where the city meets the beach. And This Human-Made beach is Situated in the heart of Dubai Creek Harbour. This also introduces elegant apartments at the breeze, Sunset, and Bayshore with holistic views of nature and you can also enjoy the broad range of activities. Where you can enjoy a family-friendly environment. You will find pure and clear water around the creek beach and you can live your life more peacefully and comfortably.

Note: These are the upcoming projects in Dubai for 2021 but as we all know the pandemic situation is here so It can be delay due to Covid-19 But we might have to wait for the post-pandemic era. And then We’ll Able to see these Exotic Places with some safety precautions. We are looking forward to seeing these projects to be completed in 2021 And Book your ticket to watch these memorable and realistic places in 2021. But if these places will be open in 2021 in the pandemic era, you have to follow some precautionary measures like wearing a mask, Sanitize your hands properly, and Maintaining 2 meter social Distance.



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