Al Montazah Park- A Wonderful Family Time Expereince

Whether you are traveling abroad or looking for somewhere close to home, then finding a place that is great fun for families with young children can be challenging. Al Montazah Parks is located just a few minutes’ drive away from Dubai. This park is quite famous among the tourists as it offers incredible entertainment for ..

Just Enjoy Sports While Having Brunch In Dubai

Dubai has thousands of different attractions to offer. It’s a country with a lot of entertainment and sport is one of those things. If you are a sports fan one of the things you must do while you spend your summer vacation in the Arab Emirates is to visit some of the Sports Bars and have ..

Make Your Evening More Beautiful At Beaches Of Dubai

Humbly present and multicultural, UAE has revolutionary cultural heart where no one and nothing stands still. If you are in Dubai and you wish to have the best experience of the combination of Sun, Sea and outdoor fun then UAE beaches are the ultimate destination for you. A fine addition to the city’s urban beach ..

An Historical Trip To Al Jahili Fort

At the time of the end of the 19th century, Sheikh Zayed bin Khalifa who was the leader of the Yas tribe and also the head of Al Falah house used to rule Abu Dhabi. In summers the temperature and humidity of the coast rise considerably and become more intense, so the Sheikh used to ..

Top Architecture Wonders Of Dubai

In a city known for superlatives, you’ll find eye-popping architecture on every corner. Dubai continues its pursuit of intensive urban expansion. In recent years, some of the most iconic – and tall – buildings in the world have sprung up in Dubai, but several iconic structures around the city are a truly alluring draw. From ..

Must Visit To Best Souks In UAE

Souk derived from Arabic language known as “Marketplace”. Over the years the goods on sale have diversified dramatically; today alongside the spices, silks and perfumes you’ll find electronic goods, souvenirs, clothing and household items. To observe the traditional way of UAE, none of other is the best way. Explore more locally in relaxed atmosphere with ..

Spend Your Winter Vacations In Dubai-Best Things To Do

Dubai is one excellent city which is identical with art, architecture, and modern development as it has advanced from a dry desert to an essence of modern infrastructure. Winters is undoubtedly the best time of year to visit Dubai. During the day it’s still warm enough to lie in the sun and swim, but best ..

Welcome The Winters With The Dubai Ice Rink

Located at Dubai Mall right In Downtown Dubai, The Dubai Ice Rink is an ice-skating rink with the size just as equals to the Olympic sized ice-skating rink. It is the largest and best-equipped rink in the city. It’s situated on the ground floor of the mall but extends up to the second floor. Public ..

Must Visit To Beautiful Al Mamzar Beach

Dubai is full of hidden gems and Al Mamzar beach is also another hidden gem. This park is built on a huge 106 hectares of land. The park gets its name from the adjacent Mamzar beach located near Deira and Hariya port. Five separate beaches combine together to make up Al Mamzar beach. This beautiful ..

Top Visited Beaches Of Dubai

Jumeirah open beach is a heaven for those prefer their own company and calm time around the beach. Here you can grab a book and head to one of the quieter stretches of sand in the city. Not only will you be able to enjoy your read in peaceful surroundings, but there is also not ..