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One of the most thrilling and adventurous activities in Dubai. Bungee jumping is not everyone’s piece of cake. Dubai is a famous place for bungee jumping which happens in different places. This will give you an adrenaline pump like never before. Bungee Jumping in Dubai is an adventurous activity where you would be hanging with an elastic rope and jump from a great height under the observation of professionals. Enjoy the bungee jumping in Dubai during the skyscrapers and you can also witness the beauty of Dubai. But before performing this activity you need to know some safety precautions and keep up your mind for bungee jumping. So whenever you visit Dubai and Amazing Attractions don’t forget to try it out and make an unparalleled experience that gives you joy in life.

Make up your mind

The first and foremost thing to performing this activity is to make up your mind and make yourself ready to jump from a great height. You must need to think about whether you need to do this or not. Don’t listen to others in this matter. And if you have a weak heart, Height phobia or you don’t like adventure then you need to avoid this Adventurous activity. It’s not an easy task to jump from a great height so never make a wrong decision or sudden decision.

Research company arranging for this activity

After making up your mind, do some research on the bungee jumping spot in Dubai where this activity is performed and Also ask operators and watch some videos of the company to make sure that this activity is safe. In other words, check reviews and star ratings that people give to that company and then decide. Some other factors you need to keep in your mind are cost, Experience, and company professionals. And then you enjoy this ride after 100 sure about the company performance.

Avoid wearing uncomfortable clothes

Make sure you wear comfortable clothes on bungee jumping. Clothes like skirts or anything like that should be avoided at all costs. Consider wearing casual Clothes like fitting suits in which you feel comfortable. Do Not carry anything extra with you like accessories or jewelry items, feel free, and light before performing this activity. and make sure you give it to other members that are with you. If you enjoy the activity you need to consider this tip.

Avoid overeating

The fourth tip to go to bungee jumping in Dubai is to Avoid Overeating at all. If you don’t want to go through an unpleasant experience, then avoid overeating. If someone has height phobia especially they need to avoid overeating or eating any dairy food before you experience this. Keep yourself hydrated from healthy and light food because overeating may cause vomiting or other problems and to keep yourself active take some energy drinks or fruit juices that make you feel active. Keep yourself away from embarrassment and if your heart goes down avoid this activity and don’t spoil your mood by performing this activity.

Avoid expensive items along with you

The next tip is to avoid expensive items along with your bungee jumping in Dubai. So to save yourself from any trouble make you deposit your expensive stuff before trying this experience. This will help you enjoy the thrill of the activity with a free mind and make your experience even more memorable without any worry. If you have no option for depositing your expensive items and make sure you don’t carry heavy or expensive items with you. And avoid these items to the place where the activity is performed.

Don’t look down before jump from the height

The next important tip for the tourist is to avoid looking down before jump from the height. It is always instructed by the professionals that always look straight and not down. And if you feel afraid by looking straight then close your eyes and just follow the voice of professionals. This will make you feel relax and just enjoy the activity and Exotic views from the height where you feel like you are moving with clouds and from that height, the tallest trees and buildings look like miniatures, this is how you define good views.

Don’t overthink

If you want to try bungee jumping in Dubai so don’t overthink different factors like height don’t panic about the situation because this will spoil your whole mood and you will never enjoy the thrilling activity. And always think positive points and this way you can overcome your anxiety of jumping from the height. The good thing about the activity is you witness the breathtaking views once you are down. You were in the situation of “Do and Die” So don’t overthink before jumping and always listen to instructions carefully from the professionals

Criteria for bunging in Dubai

People who have certain medical issues should not attempt this activity and you should get clearance from the doctor for performing this activity. And if you have a weak heart or height phobia you should avoid this activity from your end.

  1. Asthma patients and women who are pregnant are not allowed to do this activity. People above 50 years of age should consult doctors before performing this thrilling activity.
  2. If you want to perform a solo jump your maximum weight should be 120kg.
  3. A person who takes drugs or an alcoholic person is not allowed for this activity.
  4. Safety gears (glasses, contact lenses) should be worn properly before jumping from a height.
  5. Boots and footwear will be removed before bunging in Dubai.
  6. Ages between 14-16 must take permission from the parents or a guide.
  7. If you want to take a group ride your maximum ride is 217kg.
  8. The price range is as follows for the single ride -AED 290 and on group Jump AED-490.

Note: During this Pandemic situation, you should need to follow some precautionary measures such as wearing a mask and sanitize your hands properly and maintain 2 meters of social distancing just to control the spread of Covid-19.

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