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Best hotel near famous places in Dubai

The best hotels that you will get to see in Dubai are the ones that are located in the highbrow areas of the city. If a hotel is to qualify as the best; then it should be located in a strategic location of the city. You will get to see several hotels near the famous ..

7 fabulous Dubai restaurants, from the underwater to the sky-high

The city of Dubai is well known for the food that makes every tourist salivate when they take a bite. If you are in Dubai, we are presenting to you 7 of the fabulous restaurants around in the city; here we go: Maya Mexican Kitchen and Bar If you desire the best of Mexican food, ..

7 Archaeological Sites Are the Perfect Historical Day Trips from Dubai

If you love to see historical sites and collect information about old places, then you need to visit Dubai once. There is a number of archaeological sites you can see on there and watch old aspects of those old places. Really, you can look old monuments and see the bigger things and impressive facts which ..

Dubai Life: Living and Working in Dubai

Don’t let the hype of Western media outlets fool you—living in a Middle Eastern area like Dubai is one of the best things you can decide to do, especially if you love to travel, love adventure, and love a hot desert climate.  There are some things to take into consideration, however, should you choose to ..

Tips when Buying Gold at the Deira Gold Souk

It’s some time funny buying gold in an open market and gets even risky if you are visiting the shop for the first time. Are you on a trip to Dubai and have a plan to the best places to visit in Dubai, particularly to Gold souks? The best and the famous is the Deira ..

Saeed bin Maktoum bin Hasher Al Maktoum Father of Dubai

  Saeed bin Maktoum bin Hasher Al Maktoum was born in 1878. He died in 1958. In 1912 He became the president of Dubai. And stayed at that position until his death. Saeed bin Maktoum became the ruler of Dubai at the end of a pearl boom. Then boom collapsed and the long recession started. ..

Abu Dhabi Experiences Exploring Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Heritage Village and Comiche.

  One of the most beautiful buildings I’ve seen so far is the Temple of Sheikh Zayed in Abu Dhabi. The white mosque, harmonious lines resembles the Taj Mahal. Due to recent construction, it is even more striking.Wise Sheik Zayed decided to make this object devoted to religion. He wanted to send a message of ..

The Cultural Side of Dubai – museums to visit for

  Usually, the first association for Dubai is shopping. But Dubai offers more contents. There are several museums of contemporary art in Dubai. Good chances for artists to show their talents and creativity. For visitors – it is amusing and modern. Ideal for spending quality time in Dubai.   Let’s start with the Sharjah Art ..

How to Celebrate Christmas in Dubai

Vacationing for Christmas in Dubai doesn’t mean you have to give up a traditional Christmas. You can do everything in Dubai you would typically do at home during the Christmas season. Church Although Dubai is a Muslim nation, they are incredibly tolerant of other religions like Christianity. There are Christian churches in Dubai that you ..

Dubai is featured on TripAdvisor’s Cities in the World to Visit This Year

Dubai was recently featured on TripAdvisor’s top cities in the world to visit this year. They choose twenty-five of the best places to visit each year based on an algorithm that uses the quantity and quality of the feedback from reviews and ratings they get for the various hotels, restaurants, and attraction from the destinations ..