Burj Jumeira – A New Tower is rising in Dubai

New Tower rising in Dubai -
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Dubai is the city of man-made impressive buildings in the world. Many visitors come to see the perfectionist of the city. Dubai has many famous buildings like Burj Khalifa, Burj Al-Arbab, and now this Burj Jumeraih is the new developmental project of the city Dubai that create the new Record of Dubai City. And this development has been possible due to the long-term vision of the leaders to make the city more innovative. And there is no limit to the innovation of Dubai. Dubai sets an example for the whole world and most of the economy based on the tourist spots. This will be a world-class project with the infrastructure and dozens of government processes which include artificial intelligence.


Dubai has a marvelous project and its new addition will become this famous landmark of the Dubai skyline. The main design looks like a hormonal ripple of the dunes and the desert of the City of United Arab Emirates. And this Upcoming Artichectural structure is designed by the famous Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill. There will be some engineering firms behind the world-renowned structures which include the headquarters of Walt Disney Company, Kansas City Airport, And famous Dubai’s Burj  Khalifa. This will be the supertall skyscraper in the City of Dubai. Burj Jumeirah Contractor has exposed some digital snaps of how Burj Jumeirah will look like when it will be completed.


The expected height of the Tower is 550 meters, which means it will also create a new world record and will be added to the list of the tallest buildings in the future. This Burj will be located in the Al-Sufouh. And also have multiple observation decks offering 360 degrees of view of the emirate and this will gives you the opportunity to take some panoramic photos. It will also include residential and commercial properties and as well as hotels around these tallest skyscrapers. You will surely enjoy the Burj Jumeira in the future.


The top of the tower will be the crown and it will be home to the sky lounge as well as interconnected sky restaurants where the people can enjoy the stunning views of the Burj Jumeira in Dubai. And can enjoy the spectacular parties on the rooftop of the Burj Jumeira. People will get the chance to visit the new spectacular tower in Dubai. And this will be a friendly mixed urban destination for travel lovers.


The base of the tower will be designed after the sketch of H.H sheik Mohammad’s fingerprint. This will be the place of the many cultural, social, and artistic events. The building will be covered with digital displays that can be used to customize the building’s appearance for many different occasions and celebrations. It will also feature water fountains and outfit shops. More interestingly this Burj Jumeira will offer fireworks and some interactive lights on some special events. You can witness the spectacular views of the city. And the ponds will be surrounded by the shops.


When we talk about digital display the first name that comes to our mind is Burj khalifa. When you see Digital Display on Burj khalifa your heart fills with joy. Well, expect the same for the Burj Jumeira. Digital Display will be held on global celebrations like on new year’s eve. Once it will be completed the stunning iconic tower will be covered with digital displays on special occasions and celebrations. And this will be the upcoming stunning tower. And you will also take some exciting and amazing pictures of the Burj Jumeira.


There will be some famous and amazing attractions nearby Burj Jumeirah that offers you a complete package of tours. Beach Jumeirah is 5 minutes away from this upcoming tower. And 20 minutes away from JLT. Dubai mall will be 26 minutes away, Dubai Marina will be 17 minutes away And Mall of Emirates will be 21 minutes away and this tower is loathed next to Burj Al Arbab. So this will give the unique package to enjoy the shopping and can take the views of some marvelous attractions. And this makes your tour even more memorable and mesmerized.


Since it will be located in the heart of palm Jumeirah and you will enjoy a carefree life with every facility near you. And everything you need will be a few minutes away from you. There will be cafes, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Hotels, and Wild Wadi waterpark and a number of American, national and Indian schools near this tower. The residence of Dubai city lives a luxury lifestyle. And with the emergence of this tower, you will get every opportunity and facility there. You can enjoy the Luxury lifestyle with this Burj Jumeria and this will be a unique experience for all the Visitors and residence. In addition to the facility in the surrounding area and it has its own facilities that are sky lounge, Gyms, Reflecting Pools, Panoramic Views, and Retail centers. You can enjoy your own choice of lifestyle with your friends and family members as well as with your special ones.


The construction of this tower is under process and it will be expected to be completed in 2023. So you have to wait till 2023 and you will get an opportunity to enjoy this amazing Architecture.  Burj jumeriah is the new step toward development and technology with innovation and designs and you can experience a new level of luxury. The construction of Burj Jumeria follows the completion of 13 skyscrapers in the United Arab Emirates, which made it the top three countries to contribute to the 143 buildings over 200 meters high built-in 2018.

Note: Burj Jumerai will increase Dubai’s importance as a leading tourism and business hub and it is expected to see that we will see a significant increase in the number of tourists in the upcoming years and this will also increase the flow of business investment in Dubai.

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