Dhow Cruise in Dubai: Guide to the best way to avoid the bustling emirate

Dubai is a famous city for its amazing Attractions and awesome architecture. Now imagine whenever you visit Dubai just to witness its beautiful places and colorful city with perfect beaches. And you can find many cultural changes from that time to still now and it’s playing an important part in today life of Dubai. Dhow cruise in Dubai plays a major role in tourism and many people visit this place every year. Traditional wooden boats were built by the fishing community for searching the red sea and the Indian Ocean. Today you can experience these old boats of the city with modern style. You can visit this place with your special ones and with friends too. Sailing on famous landmarks is an amazing experience and enjoying dinner on it is also an experience to remember. The cruise has two decks one is fully air-conditioned with an entertainment dose and the other is opened and gives you the chance to enjoy the cool breeze and water sound of the Arabian Gulf. On dhow cruise, you can experience the breathtaking moment of the city from the old perspective and you will explore the history of the ancestors through the ride. So if you are visiting Dubai for the first time must visit a dhow cruise in Dubai.


Dubai creek is situated between two famous buildings and here you can enjoy the thrilling ride of dhow cruise. You can view the man-made buildings of the city and the famous and prominent skyline of Dubai. It is one of the demanded cruises in Dubai which offers to pick and drop services and offer entertainment packages, unique live shows, and unlimited and exotic food services. Dubai creek is considered the heart of Dubai and deserves a visit for its natural and dynamic views of the city. During the two-hour dhow cruise, you will pass through the famous and ancient landmarks of the city like heritage village, Grand mosque, Sheikh Saeed’s house, and many others. And as the cruise started the staff started to arrange the buffet with many dishes around the world. And the staff welcomes you with fresh juice, Arabian dates, and Coffee.


Dubai Marina is an amazing place for cruising because of its panoramic views of the city and cruise is famous for sightseeing and on marina cruise, you will enjoy dances, songs and live shows that explains the journey of the city from the desert land to the tallest buildings and tells us how the city become modernized through various obstacles and then become one of the top places of tourist. As the cruise continues you will pass through some famous landmarks like Burj Al Arab, Hotel Atlantis, And Palm Jumeirah, and also the Dubai marina mall. If you want to explore the architecture a daytime cruise is the perfect option, you can also go with the evening and night cruising options and witness the city lighting under the dark sky. You can enjoy the 3-course meal of international and continental dishes. It looks like a magical dream but it’s real you can enjoy it a lot there. You can go there with the special ones to feel how special they are to you.


The capital of the United Arab Emirates is Abu Dhabi that has perfect sights and Amazing skylines with great Mosques and Traditional landmarks. On the cruise, you will explore the city’s capital landmarks from your own perspective and it looks so unreal. And Additional food options will make you amazed that how delicious food you eat on this cruise. It a complete package with entertainment and exotic food. If you spend money on this tour then it’s worth spending. And you can enjoy the city lighting on the Water and it will breathe taking moment for the tourist.


If you want to visit Dubai city then the dhow cruise in Dubai is an interesting option for the tourists. And you will be able to witness the famous landmarks of the city like heritage village and Tallest building Burj Khalifa and the Palm Island. In this four hour tour, you will cover many other famous destinations. The ride may not take you through every place but it will show you the big picture of Dubai’s landmark. And this tour will make you happy where you can enjoy the full package of entertainment and which allows you to eat peacefully without any crowd. The food option is limitless so don’t worry about the food.


If we talk about the best time to visit, Dubai is the magical city throughout the year but most preferable visiting Dubai in winter months are the best time to visit Dubai. January to February are the best option for the Dubai shopping festivals and November to April are the cool months when you can enjoy the tour comfortably. And when we talk about the best time to visit Dhow cruise in Dubai so if you are interested in understanding the building structure then morning time to do cruise is best otherwise you can also go with the evening and night option. But try to avoid open deck during sunny hours of the city. The dhow cruise is a modern activity where you can get a chance to see the delighted views of the city of pure water. So if you want to witness the sunset then the evening is the best option and if you want to enjoy the magical night skies then the night option is the best. The choice is all yours!

Note: In the coming year 2021, Due to the global pandemic situation you have to follow some safety and precautionary measures to keep yourself safe. Wearing a mask, sanitizing your hands properly, and maintain social distancing is compulsory. You will have to pay a heavy fine if you break the law. So whenever you visit Dubai you have to follow the rules and regulations of the UAE government just to control the spread of Covid-19.


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