Creek Tower Dubai- The Future Beacon of Dubai Architecture

Dubai is known for its magnificent skyscrapers and unbelievable skyline. It gave Burj Khalifa to the world that is the tallest building of the world, but the city of wonders never stopped here and soon going to give another spectacular building that is will overshadow the Burj Khalifa. The Islamic minaret’s inspired design building is ..

Dubai Gold Souk – Where Glitters is Actually Gold!

Dubai gold souk market is one of the popular tourist attractions in Dubai where you see gold jewelry in masses. There are plenty of shops designing and creating beautiful gold jewelry in Dubai Gold Souk that is located at the heart of the Deira. If you are planning to visit the gold market, then there ..

IMG World of Adventure Dubai-The World’s Largest Indoor Theme Park

Dubai never does things by halves. It’s a land where crazy ideas transform into reality and Disney characters don’t seem a part of an imaginary world. IMG World of Adventure is one such place where fantasies turn into reality and one can get a hell of fun from thrilling activities. Already excited to know more ..

Burj Khalifa- All You Need to Know about World’s Tallest Building

Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building and also the center of attraction of tourists over the globe. Without visiting this landmark, no tour to Dubai can be marked complete. The 8282-meter tall tower is designed by Adrian Smith that resembles spider lily. It’s a marvel of architecture and popular for viewing the city from ..

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Dubai Nightlife Guide- An Exotic and Vibrant Experience

Whether you are visiting Dubai to make your Valentines’ Day extra special or visiting it for the first time to explore the city, Dubai nightlife is an experience you must not miss.  The ‘City of Gold’ has vibrant and thrilling nights with a complete entertainment package. Music concerts keep going on all night long where ..

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3 Upcoming Dubai 2020 Events You Can’t Miss

Boring is a word unknown to Dubai. Every month in Dubai is full of activity and no day in Dubai goes without festivity.  Upcoming Dubai 2020 events have a long list and every event has something unique to offer. January starts with the biggest shopping festival while February comes up with the mouthwatering Dubai Food ..

Dubai Food Festival 2020-A Heaven for Foodies

Foodies can follow just one type of diet- SeeFood Diet! Oh, don’t know about it? It’s ‘See Food and Eat It’. Simple. Dubai Food Festival 2020 is just around the corner and it’s the time when they can exercise their diet plan better than the rest of the year.  The two and a half week ..

Things to Do in Dubai as a First-Time Visitor

Dubai has always been a topmost choice of tourists due to the outstanding and endless entertainment options it offers. Visiting Dubai as a first-time visitor will give you wonderful memories you will always cherish. The hustle and bustle of city, awe-inspiring architecture and skyscrapers make you completely forget your worries and enjoy special moments together. ..

Reasons Why Jumeirah Beach Dubai First-Choice Destination for Tourists

What comes first into your mind when selecting your next holiday destination? Probably, your answer would be adventurous activities, ambiance, serenity, accommodation, delicious food, and of course security. Check all boxes if Jumeirah Beach Dubai has won the vote because the place is a complete bundle of thrilling activities and unique features that give you ..

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Shop from the Best Shopping Malls in Dubai on Valentines’ Day

What women love more than gossips? Shopping, of course. So, if you want to enjoy Valentines’ Day peacefully and without bearing mood swings or tantrums, then ask your lady to go out with you for shopping. Visiting Dubai’s shopping malls is the best option as they offer more than just shopping and would make your ..

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