Dubai Gold Souk – Where Glitters is Actually Gold!

Dubai Gold Souk
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Dubai gold souk market is one of the popular tourist attractions in Dubai where you see gold jewelry in masses. There are plenty of shops designing and creating beautiful gold jewelry in Dubai Gold Souk that is located at the heart of the Deira. If you are planning to visit the gold market, then there are some tips you must keep into the mind to make a lucrative deal.

Gold Comes in Different Types

It’s a common perception that gold is a shiny metal that shines never fades away and it comes in golden color. Only a few people know that gold has different types and it also comes in different colors. It’s measured in karat, i.e. the higher the karat number, the purest the gold quality is. 24k, 22k, and 18k are different types of karats available.

You must know that it doesn’t implicate that purest gold is also the most durable gold type rather different types of metal are added to it to improve its strength level.

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Different Style and Designs Available

Dubai Gold Souk is the home of over 350 jewelry shops and retailers where 10 tons of gold is restocked every day. You don’t find just one type of style and design here rather you see diversity here including Arabic designs, Indian Jewelry design, and Pakistani jewelry designs. In other words, you can say that Dubai Gold Souk is one place for your all jewelry needs.

Operating Under the Supervision of Dubai Government

Dubai Government and concerned departments keep an eye on the gold market. All merchandisers are properly regulated by the government to prevent scams and frauds in the dealings. That’s why buying gold from Dubai Gold Souk is a safe option with no fear of fraud.

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Visit Different Shops Before Buying a Product

If you like a gold item, then it’s recommended to visit different shops and compare designs and prices. It would help you to find the best product as per your desire and within the budget limit.

You must know that gold prices keep fluctuated and there is a new rate for gold in the market. Check the gold rate prior to buying the gold item.

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Dubai Gold Souk mall is located in the proximity to Al Ras Metro Station where you can reach through metro or a bus. It keeps open 7 days a week from 10 am to 10 pm.




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