Dubai Food Festival 2020-A Heaven for Foodies

Dubai Food Festival 2020
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Foodies can follow just one type of diet- SeeFood Diet! Oh, don’t know about it? It’s ‘See Food and Eat It’. Simple. Dubai Food Festival 2020 is just around the corner and it’s the time when they can exercise their diet plan better than the rest of the year.  The two and a half week longer food festival turns Dubai into cuisine heaven where you find all types of food from street fare to fine dining experiences.

Dubai Food Festival 2020 Date and Location 

Dubai food festival is going to start from 21 February and will last till 9 March. This festival is the celebration of multicultural and diverse food and there is no specific venue fixed for it as the carnival is spread around the various venues of the city including restaurants, street food, food trucks, iconic malls, and popular beaches.

Thrilling Reasons to Visit Dubai Food Festival

DFF brings entire Arab food cuisine to one place. Tourists can experience the love affair of Arabs with food and also give the treat to taste buds by tasting local scrumptious food items. Let’s see why you should not miss this amazing festival.

  • Exciting Events

There is no shortage of exciting events in Dubai Food Festival 2020. Local and international restaurants exhibit three-course meals in Restaurant week while Dine & Wine gives an opportunity to young chefs and new restaurants to portray their talent and win prizes.

The list of events never stops here. Hidden Gem, foodie experience, Taste of Dubai, limited coffee addition, and cheese festival are some other mouthwatering events where you can experience exotic food.

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  • Get a Chance to Hobnob Your Favorite Chefs

The specialty of Dubai food festival is to meet your favorite chef. Buy a travel package to Dubai now as renowned chefs are coming to Dubai to attend food events and competitions as judges or guests. Excited to take a selfie with celebrity chefs?

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  • Fun-Filled opportunities for Entire Family

Dubai never falls short of entertainment opportunities. From popular landmarks to theme parks of Dubai, every tourist destination is present just a few miles away from each other. So, don’t just eat the food well, but digest it well too.

Dubai food festival

Buy the Dubai Food Festival 2020 tickets online if you don’t want to miss the taste of exotic food in its purest form. This event has a huge audience and suits people of every budget limit. Beware, don’t dare to go on a strict diet plan because DFF will destroy it badly!

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