3 Upcoming Dubai 2020 Events You Can’t Miss

Dubai 2020 Events
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Boring is a word unknown to Dubai. Every month in Dubai is full of activity and no day in Dubai goes without festivity.  Upcoming Dubai 2020 events have a long list and every event has something unique to offer. January starts with the biggest shopping festival while February comes up with the mouthwatering Dubai Food Festival where temping and multicultural cuisine increases your appetite. You might have missed a few events, but there is a lot yet to come. Here are three upcoming events you must not miss.

Taste of Dubai- Fusion of Culture and Taste

Dubai is no less than a heaven for food lovers. Taste of Dubai is an unofficial event that has a huge fan following all over the world. Renowned chefs come to Dubai to give a live cooking demonstration and judge the cooking skills of competitors. It’s a two-day long event that starts from 7th March and continues to the evening of 9th March.

You can also enjoy signature dishes of restaurants at discounted prices. Are you ready to cherish love for food?

Dubai 2020 Events

Art Dubai-Uplift Your Artistic Soul

Is your artistic soul asking for some food of thought to unleash the creativity block? Art Dubai is a prominent upcoming Dubai 2020 event that offers numerous opportunities to discover your hidden artistic sides and unfold your creativity. The event starts on 20th March and lasts until 27th March.

The event hosts 28, 000 visitors every year that includes painters, designers, art collectors, and curators. The event is divided into three segments, contemporary, modern and resident where you can meet your favorite artist.

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Photo Credit: EVAST Dubai

Dubai Summer Surprises- Shopping & Fun for Everyone

This full of the fun event kicks off in the hot month of June when Dubai family tour packages sell like hot cake mainly due to the summer vacations of kids. The event comes with a bundle of thrilling activities such as interactive games and water sports.

The month-long event has multiple halls of thrilling attractions and numerous food corners where you can enjoy some quality family time together.

Dubai 2020 Events

Tips for the First Time Travel to Dubai   

DubaiFeel travel advisors share some useful tips for the first time travel to Dubai so don’t have face inconvenience there.

  1. Weekends in Dubai starts from Friday
  2. Exploring the city by walk isn’t recommended especially when you are visiting Dubai in the summer season. Rent out a car or buy a Dubai travel package that includes a car.
  3. Driver and working staff in Dubai don’t accept tips.
  4. Nightlife in Dubai is actually lit so avoid taking kids with you.
  5. Dubai 2020 events don’t just portray the modern side of the city, but also the historical aspects.

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