Witness Emirati Ancient Culture At Al Bastakiya, Dubai

It has indeed become difficult to find the traces, signs, and symbols of ancient Dubai and its traditions, the name now represents tall skyscrapers and modern high technology infrastructures. Fortunately, Al Bastakia is the town that still represents and shows the ancient traditions of Dubai. Also known as the Al Fahidi Historical District, the neighborhood sheds light on the lifestyle of the people before the UAE was formed.

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If you want to know a side of Dubai that shows the state of the city before the glamour, oil magnates, and cloud-touching building were added to the landscape, take a trip to this old neighborhood. This neighborhood is quiet a historic and interesting one and some information might come in handy before paying it a visit. Al Bastakiya has a quite rich and old history. It was developed from the times when the sole mode of trade was through seas and all trade used to happen at Khor Dubai whose second name is a creek or simply old Dubai.

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Mr. Qasim Bin Abdullah Al Bastaki built this neighborhood himself in the 19th century and the rich textile and precious pearl merchants helped in funding the construction. Spread over an area of 300 square meters, what was once a dull, old neighborhood, today is a maze of age-old wonders that still hold true to the real essence of Old Dubai. Legend says that the area was up for a massive renovation and it was the visit from Prince Charles that stopped the demolishing of the neighborhood, as he said the place was too precious to be brought down. Mr. Qasim Bin Abdullah Al Bastaki himself designed this entire area. In the early 2000’s it was refurbished under the professional supervision of famous architect Rashad Bukhash. He oversaw the renovation of over 50 buildings in the area, as well as managed the construction of a couple of museums, and took the renovation very personally, as his own family has fallen prey to the urbanization of Dubai, having lost their ancestral neighborhood.

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Its architecture is indeed very beautiful and entirely unique. Its design took inspiration from multi nations which proved truly helpful in order to elevate Dubai to the heights of success. You will find a vast range of architectural designs, some of the most prominent highlights among them include North African styled courtyards and Levantine decorations. Walking through the streets of this neighborhood, with the unkempt roads and the rugged surfaces of the walls of the buildings, you wouldn’t feel the glamour you find in the majestic city of Dubai.

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It is truly a heaven for those who wish to see and feel the many centuries-old, ancient different cultures which had an impact on United Arab Emirate. The history of buildings of Dar Al Nadwa dates back to the 19th century. The building was constructed in the year 1925 by Mr. Abdul Rahman Mohammad Farooq and is 463 square meters in area. Since the renovation, it has hosted many important events like symposiums, art shows, conferences, and national and international gatherings.

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Are you ancient art lover? Or love to know about history then this place is for you. Plan your trip to Dubai and spend your vacations in literatural way.


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