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Sharjah aquarium showcases a vast and big range of sea animals, this attraction enables its visitors to see the marine animals in their natural habitats.  This aquarium has more than 150 sea animals within. These majestic and mysterious animals include beautiful seahorses, thrilling stingrays, reef sharks and many more. The visitors can see the sea animals of all sizes just like they are swimming naturally in seas.  Sharjah aquarium also holds the title of the first and the largest educational center, built by the government in the entire United Arab Emirates.

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Sharjah aquarium boasts with covering an area of 6500 m². This attraction is composed of two floors and these floors have 20 aquariums which are filled with 1.8 million liters of water. These 20 aquariums on 2 floors have created perfect manmade marine environments. Feeds and talks are scheduled throughout the day, while a walkway lets you see the creatures up close. Kids will also love touchscreens and interactive displays. Just how many sea animals can you identify and name? Go a step beyond the broader categories of sea life and learn to distinguish between them. Sharjah Aquarium is home to over 150 marine species that dwell in the Arabian Gulf waters. You can observe the fascinating sea rays, the usually docile reef sharks, the elusive moray eels, the delicate seahorses and the beautiful clownfish – all that is only the beginning. Apart from the sea creatures you also get to discover their habitats, like the coral reefs, mangroves, the Al Khan Lagoon and the rocky shores that surround it.

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The experience is enlightening for people of all ages. The aquarium serves as more than just a recreational space. It was built for the purpose of familiarizing the masses with marine life and its importance. In the year 2009, the Sharjah Museums Authority decided to broaden the scope of the aquarium by setting up a marine nature reserve. The place now, for the past decade, has been working to ensure a safe habitat for sea life to breed and thrive. Their work entails creating the ideal environment for coral reefs to grow and at the same time, spread awareness about the severity of marine pollution and its consequent environmental damage.

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Sharjah Aquarium, with the help of professionals and volunteers, seeks to protect and preserve the marine environment. The government first sought of this idea back in 2009, the basic objective behind the construction of the Sharjah aquarium was to build a marine nature reserve, which would be safe for aquatic life to flourish. This attraction not only provides safety to the marine life animals but it also enables its visitors to marvel at the majestic aquatic animals. The government actually felt the need for the presence of such a facility, especially because of water pollution. The increasing severity of water pollution caused by oil spillage, waste disposal and other harmful human activities like plastic disposing has endangered the sea species to a great extent. The animals living in this facility are now living in a safe and comfortable environment. The water temperature is maintained and the pure and fresh diet is provided to them. All of these gains were the major causes behind the construction of this magnificent aquarium. Sharjah aquarium has one divine and noble goal, which is to preach people the importance of marine life and the means by which we can safeguard the marine environment.

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