4 Ways To Introduce Coffee In Dubai

The wintertime of the year is a wonderful time of the year for those who love to picnic, you can pack your lunch and fulfill your picnic craving in Dubai. Record-breaking construction stands alongside traditional quarters, while man-made islands jut out of the coastline and winters makes them more eye catching. The city is a treasure trove for tourists, combining the mystique and history of the Arabian Desert with the shiny amenities of a modern metropolis. There are uncountable things to do in Dubai and must see places also. As we all know, winters means coffee. Without having good cup of coffee, this season is incomplete:

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Roseleaf Cafe

Intentionally settled in Dubai Garden Centre, the cafe serves authentic coffee and home cooked food including sandwiches, soups, and salads. One of the most famous coffee shops in Dubai, roseleaf Cafe was established by a bunch of ‘coffee-loving kiwis’. They offer coffee which is single-origin, seasonal, and batch roasted by skilled roastmaster and then curated by expert baristas. Then must try their coffee to refresh your mind.

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 Mokha 1450

Mokha 1450 dubbing their cafe as ‘the heart of coffee’, Mokha 1450 are committed to helping rare and superior specialty coffees in an attempt to ‘echo the sincere traditions of early coffee culture’. Mokha 1450 is an intimate place with exceptional coffee. With experienced staff who know what they’re talking about, this is a coffee stop best suited for an extended visit, rather than a latte to-go. The impressive and extensive menu covers a huge range of brewing techniques, single origin beans and clever blends, with each item described in detail. Be prepared to find your perfect cup of coffee here.

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Sum of Us

 The Sum of Us is the duo’s new initiative – a similarly vibrant sourdough bakery serving up delicious food and, of course, coffee all day. It is a perfect amalgamation of a gourmet cafe, coffee roaster, and bakery. Their only aim is to provide customers an out of the world experience which can be easily seen in their fresh breads, and authentic coffee. They prefer roasting their own coffee along with their baristas blending it up with latest techniques. With lots of outlets and free filtered water, the venue is popular with remote workers toting their laptops, as well as the breakfast and business lunch crowds.

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While not technically a coffee house, Frioul’s lounge is a perfect place to grab a coffee and chill out. The lounge comes kitted out with a bookshelf stocked with newspapers and magazines, and offers up great views of the Madinat Jumeirah’s canals. A treat for all the book and coffee lovers, Frioul is am ideal placé to grab a cup of coffee while reading some interesting books. Grab yourselves a cafetiere for two, a snack, and kick back. Moreover, you can also enjoy breathtaking vistas of Madinat Jumeirah’s canals while sipping your favorite coffee. So, when you are looking for some me time in Dubai, you know where to go!

These are places for coffee lovers!  Explore the best coffee places in Dubai. Plan your trip to Dubai and make your vacations more warm!


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