Top Architecture Wonders Of Dubai

In a city known for superlatives, you’ll find eye-popping architecture on every corner. Dubai continues its pursuit of intensive urban expansion. In recent years, some of the most iconic – and tall – buildings in the world have sprung up in Dubai, but several iconic structures around the city are a truly alluring draw. From the world’s tallest tower and most luxurious hotel to space-age structures that defy gravity, discover top best architecture wonders of Dubai:

Cayan Tower

At first glance, it appears that Cayan Tower in Dubai Marina is twisting up out of the ground like a giant futuristic beanstalk. If twisting the buildings’ structure around 90 degrees from base to roof isn’t enough, the structure has no structural pillars. Completed in 2013, the building is 306 meters tall and consists of 73 storeys. While the tower itself is home to residential apartments, a day spa and a gym, it is best viewed from across the water on the Marina Walk to be able to fully appreciate the building’s beauty. Today, it remains one of the most eye-catching structures in Dubai Marina, offering views over docked super yachts and Jumeirah Beach from its 495 apartments.

Emirates Tower

An early architectural icon in the city, Emirates Towers is one of Dubai’s most recognisable skyscrapers since opening in 2000. The two towers are situated along The Boulevard, a complex of shopping and dining destinations. The two towers are separated into the 355 meter-tall Emirates Office Tower and the 305 meter-tall Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel. Known for their unique triangular shape, the towers are easy to access for guests and visitors. The Emirates Towers was constructed by the construction wing of Al Ghurair Investment group. A curiosity of the design is that the towers have a similar number of floors; the taller office tower actually contains 54 floors above ground, while the hotel tower contains 56 floors. With equilateral triangular facades, the towers are inspired by traditional Islamic themes. It features a hotel block and an office tower that boasts the Prime Minister’s Office among other prestigious names.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Standing at 321 meters the building is beautifully light at night with choreographed color sculptures of water and fire. One of the city’s original five-star hotels, the Jumeirah Beach Hotel has maintained its legacy of luxury since it first opened in 1997. Inspired by the shape of a cresting wave, the building is a stand-out on the city’s pristine shoreline. Home to the famous Wild Wadi waterpark, the hotel consists of hotel rooms, beachfront villas, dining options and famous nightlife entertainment such as Cove Beach, 360 and Mahiki. This Hotel is the only “7-Star” hotel in the world. It features a Skyview bar, underwater restaurant, and an outdoor tennis court. It has become an iconic landmark in Dubai and is apparently one of the most photographed buildings in the world. Its design mimics a sail from an Arabian dhow.

Burj Khalifa: World’s tallest building

An obvious contender for Dubai’s stand-out architectural landmark, the Burj Khalifa needs little introduction as one of the most famous buildings in the world since it opened in 2010. At over 828m tall with 162 floors, it’s an unmissable feature of the city’s skyline as the world’s tallest building. Designed by Adrian Smith, the tower includes a residential section, dining options and the Armani Hotel. It’s height isn’t it only claim to fame. The Burj Khalifa has the highest mosque in the world (158th floor), highest swimming pool (76th floor) and the highest viewing platform (124th floor). It would be so incomplete without having visit to Burj Khalifa then must go!

It is highly recommended to have trip to Dubai, then what are you waiting for? Bag your pack and have fun!


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