Experience The Lights Of Dubai At Night

When building lights up, Dubai become more and more impressive. Dubai become more wonderful when sun sunk and darkness appear the night is on the clock. From a strange overnight desert safari, to the ultra-modern attractions, there are some impressive things to do and places to visit in the night. The magic of experiencing Dubai after the sun goes down is surreal and sought by many who frequent this city for its nightlife and ultramodern architecture. From adventurous night safaris in the Arabian deserts, the marvelous beauty of the many attractions, to the countless best nightclubs in Dubai, there’s no end to how much you can explore with the best of Dubai tour packages for a taste of luxury and finesse.

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Explore The Garden Glow

It is definitely a spot which is best appreciated after the sun sets. One of the highlights of this beautiful landscape is the massive model of the Grand Mosque. Dubai Garden Glow is the largest ‘glow-in-dark’ garden in the world made of recycled luminous fabrics and features scale models of UAE landmarks like Burj Khalifa from recycled cups and bottles. As the lights are turned on, the park dazzles at night like something out of a fairy tale leaving you marvelling in amazement. Get into festive spirit with a host of performances by international artists. Explore up to 10 different zones which includes Dinosaur Park, Art Park, Garden Glow, Happiness Street, just to mention a few.

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Experience the Fountain show at Dubai Mall

Dubai Fountain show at most times of day but at night it’s a sight to appreciate. You don’t need to spend any money to enjoy it, just take a stroll around the lake outside Dubai Mall and enjoy the free shows. The fountain is lighted by 6,600 lights and 50 colorful projectors, it’s 275 m (902 feet) long and shoots water up to five hundred ft (152.4 m) into the air while the series of beautiful and charming soundtracks ranging from classical to modern-day Arabic and world music. Each show consist of a choreographed water show designed by a dance choreographer for a specific song.

pink and blue fountain

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Dubai Creek

This cruise is an excellent romantic excursion, or a fun opportunity to spend time with family in a peaceful setting. This fascinating dhow starting from Dubai Marina will take you along the Dubai Creek, passing through Sheik Saeed’s House and the Heritage Village while you marvel at the magnificent skyscrapers casting their reflection in the water. It’s a magical experience drifting along the creek while watching colorful reflections out on the water of the beautifully lit up skyline of Dubai. Cruise down the serene waters of Dubai Creek in the Dhow Cruise, a Dubai night experience that cannot be forsaken. Keep your party live all the time while enjoying the comforts on board. Indulge royally, admiring the stunning vista of Old and Modern Dubai. Make sure you bring your camera as there are lots of photo opportunities. Don’t miss the chance to have trip to Dubai Creek Dhow for memorable night!

Now experience the Dubai in another more attractive way! Plan your trip to Dubai for unforgettable vacations.


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