“Splash into Luxury: Pool Points in Dubai 2024”

Pool Points in Dubai"
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Regarding pools and beaches, Dubai is the most luxurious platform to offer you incredible and exclusive pool options to spend your summers well. Dubai is home to the most refreshing and fantastic pool sites. There are several destinations where you can access mind-blowing pools and beaches that offer breathtaking views and moments. 

You can enjoy pool parties in Dubai with delicious food and authentic drinks. Moreover, pools and beaches are fantastic if you love experiencing sunsets and sunrises. Dubai offers many destinations where you can enjoy your swimming session with a spectacular and eye-appealing view. It includes an Aura sky view pool, address sky and fountain view pool lounge, azure beach, and many more to explore on the list. 

Aura Sky View Pool

During the scorching summer months of Dubai, this is one of the most popular and highly recommended swimming spots that is worth visiting and enjoying. Aura Sky View Pool Lounge is one of the highest infinity pools that provides a 360-degree view of the places around you. 

The most spectacular view that it allows you is the view of the iconic Palm Jumeirah Island. This pool lounge is the tallest lounge in Dubai, which is worth trying. It is in the ST. REGIS Hotel in Palm Jumeirah Dubai. There are servers and a guide team around you who will head you towards elevators to the 50th floor, where the pool lounge is.

Upon ascending to the 50th level, you are welcomed by a staff member in the main lobby. They will then guide you towards the locker room before directing you to the pool area. After you change, they show you to your booked area. There are three slots in which you can book either in the morning, afternoon, or night. The morning experience is from 10 am to 2 pm. 

The afternoon experience starts from 3 pm till 7 pm, and the evening experience begins at 8 pm and ends at 11 pm. You can also book inside the lounge, which is the main entrance of the 50th floor, or outside the lounge, where there are sofa seats and sun beds, or at a cabana. It depends on your choice and budget and where you want to place a booking.

 If you book a cabana, they provide a complimentary bag with a bamboo shoot-made hand fan, a waterproof fanny pack, and a straw visor hat. If you go to book a cabana, they are placed side by side with other cabanas, but if you need a private space, they offer that, too. This pool location is a one-of-a-kind experience from where you can completely admire and capture the whole of Dubai from incredible heights.

Along with booking a slot and your space in the lounge or outside, you also have to book a viewpoint from where you can experience beautiful views. They offer you four views, including Burj Al-Arab; the second is of the city skyline; the third provides a spectacular view of Dubai Marina and Ain Dubai; and the last is the most demanded view site, Palm Jumeirah Island. The pool water is filtered and clean to swim.

The incredible thing about this sky pool is that you don’t need to get out of the water to experience other city views. In fact, at every corner, you have to swim under a lit steel bar placed on every side of the pool, and you reach another side of the pool.

You can also admire the beautiful appearance of skyscrapers. They have set the water temperature according to the weather. If it is a hot summer season, then the water is slightly cold, making you feel refreshed and fabulous. If it is winter season on the weather forecast, then they turn the water temperature a bit warm, which feels good.

 They offer you an incredible food and drinks menu, which is delicious. They have many things to provide you with on their menu, such as wines, fresh juice, and many more. Their most famous item on the drink menu card is floating on the clouds menu, in which bottles on the tray float on the water. Their most ordered drink is their signature cocktail, 360 Degrees, which includes lemon, orange, pink gin, and sweet vermouth. 

They offer you that if you like to with coffee and tea. Their menu is delicious, including snacks such as spring rolls, beef slider rock shrimp, and sushi flatbreads. There is a little gift shop downstairs where you can buy incredible gifts for yourself and your loved ones. They have hats, bags, cover-ups, jewelry, and many more. If you visit their changing rooms, you will see how luxurious and clean they are; they also allow you access to Dyson hair dryers, which is incredible. 

World’s Deepest Pool, Deep Dive Dubai

If you want an adventurous swim dive in Dubai, here is your destination to experience the world’s deepest pool. For people who love to do scuba diving, this is the best platform for you to share. It has 14 million liters of water inside the tunnel, circulated through filters every four times daily. Every water molecule gets filtered. They have a separate retail shop from where you can get your swimming equipment and other stuff such as swimming glasses, caps, and suits that are good quality. 

They have a sound security system. Their team is standing on every corner of the pool so that if any accident or emergency occurs, they can secure it. They have a complete control room setup where they deal with the pressure of oxygen, water temperature, and many more controlling options. You can experience the 40-meter depth of water inside the tunnel. They placed exciting things inside the pool tunnel, such as different artifacts and props. 

There is a bike and a Mercedes car displayed underneath. Here, they have used a particular nitrox cylinder with around 31% oxygen so that you can stay in the water longer. In this deepest water pool, you can experience a zero-gravity feeling. Everything is inside the water pool, such as a designed apartment with a kitchen, a dining table, and a spot where you can eat popcorn. There is a perfectly designed library and a piano placed. They claim this most profound diving experience to be the safest diving spot in Dubai. 

While diving, you can also come out of the water while being submerged in the water. One point is at 20m while the other is at 6m. To ensure the safety of divers, the control room is equipped with multiple cameras that provide a constant visual overview of the underwater environment. Allows the team to monitor the divers’ activities and respond promptly to any potential hazards.

 Overall, this is a mind-blowing experience to explore. You will hardly get to experience anything like this deep-dive swimming pool. If you don’t have a scuba diving certification, you can go along with their trainer diving experience. 

Address Foutain and Sky view.

Address Hotel is one of the most luxurious and expensive hotels in Dubai, downtown. It offers you the most beautiful pool experience, which includes two viewpoints: one is the fountain view, and the other one is the sky view, which provides you incredible and spectacular views of Dubai city. This pool experience is a great source to eliminate the hot weather in Dubai. Address Hotel allows you access to a trendy, calm, and refreshing hangout spot.

 You can also enjoy delicious food options alongside the clean and fresh water pool. You can enjoy a spectacular view of Burj Khalifa. There is an outstanding restaurant where visitors can order good food items while enjoying their swimming experience. They have three swimming pools for the guests to enjoy. 

They have also designed a kid’s pool where you can leave your kids to have fun; a qualified and friendly team will kid the guides and take care of them while you are enjoying your swimming at the other pool site in the address hotel. The sky view pool is on the 77th floor of the hotel, which is an infinity pool from where you can experience the most iconic and authentic 360-degree view of the city. You can experience Ain wheel and palm Jumeriah Island, which looks beautiful.

 This infinity pool is about 95 meters long, with a 16.50m width and height of 294m. The guests also get access to Asian cuisine’s delicious flavors. Imagine yourself floating on the surface of an infinity pool at the Address Hotel in downtown Dubai, bathed in the warm hues of the setting sun and the city lights beginning to twinkle. The vibrant colors of the skyline dance across the water, creating a mesmerizing spectacle that will leave you breathless.

As darkness descends, the city transforms into a glittering jewel, its towers illuminated like beacons in the night. The infinity pool seems to stretch out endlessly, merging seamlessly with the twinkling cityscape. It’s an experience that will leave you feeling awestruck and utterly at peace.

Barasti Beach in Dubai

 Whether you want to relax or have fun, Barasati Beach is the perfect place for an exhilarating day of fun. Barasatiasati Beach is the ideal destination for a memorable vacation. Its blend of tranquility and excitement, coupled with its stunning natural beauty, makes it a true hidden gem of Dubai. Once you enter the location, you will experience this big wall on which Barasti is in a very artistic design, which makes it a picture-worthy Instagram point. 

This Barasti also gives you access to a rooftop garden, which is beautiful to explore. There is a spot here for huge match fans; they can enjoy the game with unlimited access to drinks and snacks. 

They also have live concerts and DJs to make the party fun and joyous. A vast outdoor bar is incredible and has every drink available for the guests. Also, there is an indoor restaurant where you can experience delicious fresh food. They offer a refreshing and cold drinks menu from which you can select anything. On their food menu, you can enjoy tasty snacks, including sandwiches, fries, chicken spring rolls, chicken popcorn, a wide variety of wraps, pizzas, fried onion rings, and much more. 

After the snacks, they have dessert options, such as ice creams, fruit platters, banana splits, and many more. There is no entry fee in Barasti. It is free, but you need to pay right on the spot for the rest of the access to eatables. You can enjoy an incredible sunbath session on the beach. They have an instructional board displayed for you, which is essential to read before the experience. This instruction board includes security rules that say you are not allowed to run and jump inside the pool as it may hurt you.

Moreover, an age restriction set says people below 21 are not allowed to go to the pool. Also, they have a maximum capacity for the pool. If it is complete, then you can wait for your turn. Full pool time is about 2 hours. After that, you are not allowed to stay inside the pool. 

They also say you are not allowed to take any food or beverage with you while swimming. Also, you must leave all the drinks at your sunbeds or counter so no one gets hurt while swimming. They also allow you activities such as kayaking, paddle boating, SUP boards, windsurfing, tube riding, wave riding, and many more you can experience with your family members. 

They also say you are not allowed to take any food or beverage with you while swimming. Also, you must leave all the drinks at your sunbeds or counter so no one gets hurt while swimming. They also allow you activities such as kayaking, paddle boating, SUP boards, windsurfing, tube riding, wave riding, and many more you can experience with your family members. 

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