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The Museum of Future is one of Dubai’s most exciting and educational platforms. It is heaven for people who love technology and are interested in knowing more about space and futuristic inventions. The building has five levels, and every level has a chapter to discover.

 Each chapter is according to the inventions. Every chapter holds a concept according to its theme. The first level is OSS HOPE, which stands for Orbital Space Station Hope. The second chapter is on the fourth floor, named “The Heal Institute.” The third chapter is situated on the 3rd level and is called AI WAHA; after this chapter comes the second last chapter, “Tomorrow Today,” presented on the 2nd level of the museum. Lastly, Chapter 5, Future Heros, is specifically designed for kids. 

Chapter 1 “OSS HOPES” ON LEVEL 5

The first chapter on the fifth level of the building is called OSS HOPE, which stands for Orbital Space Station Hopes. The theme of this chapter is space exploration. In this chapter, they make you imagine that you have time-traveled into space, and the year is 2071. 

The whole level has incredible things to explore. There is a mind-blowing space station designed to orbit the Earth; it is called Orbital Space Station (OSS). The whole environment is giving you a sense of standing in space. Another attractive station to discover is outside possibilities. It explains all the active machines they have invented and the machines they will design in the Future. They have explained everything about their current ongoing projects and how they work, along with some information and facts about many futuristic technologies.

 One exciting technology includes generating energy from the moon. Solar panels have been installed on the moon, transmitting the generated power to Earth through laser beams and radiation. This technology fulfills the energy requirements of the entire Earth. The engineers have built a live project enabling visitors to witness the transmission of energy to Earth with the assistance of a laser beam.

Another fascinating invention is Exoskin, a medicine ailment. That will inform you of any disease in advance. You will get to know what disease you can get. It can detect any disease like cancer. It also guides you about your diet and how you can change your eating cycle to avoid these diseases and their spread.

It is an exciting and valuable gadget. It works like an AI doctor who can guide you about anything related to your health with just a touch as you wear it like a glove on your hand. It generates power for your body and updates you according to your body’s internal functioning. There are boards displayed with every model, which deliver information about the gadget and how it works. 

They have also displayed an information board related to people who went to space. There are names of people who have unfortunately died in space. Additionally, this board includes the names of people who will die in space between 2023 and 2071. They have self-predicted this information. Till 2014, there were actual deaths displayed on the board, but after that, all the names were predicted and imagined. At the end of this chapter, they make you sit in ejected pods and lead you back to Earth. That makes this chapter look thrilling. They have used AI and Virtual reality aspects inside the pod to make you sense that you are landing on Earth as they have designed a glass floor in which a VR system is there, which shows you a map of Dubai and you are landing on it.

Chapter 2 The Heal Institute on Level 4

You can see what will happen in this chapter through its name. The Heal Institute is all about healing our ecosystem. In this chapter, we are back on Earth. It is on the biodiversity of the Earth. They have designed an extensive and detailed DNA library, including specimens and samples of more than 2400 animal and plant family species. This chapter guides us on healing and protecting Earth’s natural ecosystem. 

They have designed a Biosynthetic device to gather information and details about the species you are observing; you have to scan the specimen and watch whether the species is still alive or has been extinct and is no longer present on Earth. 

They have many specimens. For example, if they have a sample of a Moth and you scan the device in it, it will list all the facts and information, including the habitat of that particular species. It is interesting to figure out whether the species is dead or alive and how long it will be on Earth. Another exciting thing they help you learn through this area is about futuristic animals and what kind of animals will be there in upcoming years. They have bio-engineered plants and animal species. 

Chapter 3 AI WAHA on Level 3  

After level four, we come towards level three, which is all about meditation and relaxing of mind. The primary focus of this chapter is on disconnecting from technology, introspection, and coming towards meditation. It offers you a feeling therapy. You will discover inventions that give you massage through sensors. 

The air is blowing out, and they have also indulged some sound effects; they have tried to create a meditation to make you feel relaxed. Many sensors are there through which you can feel some sensation in the palm. There are several therapy session ducts designed for you. One of the ducts is named ground therapy. The time you will spend here will make you feel relaxed and sleepy because it will let you relax your mind through another planned meditation idea. 

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There is a physician therapist called Universal Harmony. Here, you have to hum like a bird. When you buzz, your mutual will reach the top to create harmony while working together. When these marks connect, they produce an herbal smell that freshens and relaxes your mind.

There is a lying-down duct where you feel relaxed just by lying down. On this room’s wall, these soothing patterns are there while meditating. These patterns are there with the help of vibrations and water. As water is at a point where sound vibrations happen, water ripples are created and projected at the above wall to make you feel relaxed by looking at them. 

They have provided several facilities inside the building that prove the advancement of this museum. New technology-based charging ports allow visitors to charge their phones if the battery has run out. 

The lifts inside the building have advanced and modern design. They look similar to hyperloop technology. 

Chapter 4, Tomorrow Today, on level 2 

This chapter is named Tomorrow Today, which gives a sense of what we will have in the Future in the list of technology. This level has displayed futuristic technologies and gadgets. These inventions include advanced drones, future cars, cycles, cyber dogs, and bionic ants. 

You can program Cyber Dogs according to your needs and requirements. It is a very advanced technology with unique features such as a GPS module, touch sensor, camera, and ultrasonic sensor. 

Audi car design

It holds a fully electronic concept. From design to functions, everything is unique. There are readings provided with it so that people interested in cars and technologies can get information from that board. VOKS WAGEN GROUP is a designed school bus considered an excellent bus. It has an advanced and exciting interior. 

Jet Gravity Suite

They have also displayed a “Jet gravity suite,” which is about 22 kilos and can lift you quickly without support. The upcoming development of these gadgets is going to surprise everyone on Earth. Drones will also work in the same manner; they can lift you if needed. 

Bionic Soft Hand 2.0 

It can perform the same activities a human hand can perform, including grabbing and placing things from one place to another. It is another very advanced and helpful invention that will soon help people in several things. 

Bionic Ant

This advanced ant invention will have a similar behavior to an ordinary ant. It has the same communication skills that a regular ant has. But still, it is a robotic version of insect design. 


It is a biodegradable material that will replace plastic because people believe it is non-biodegradable and harmful to every species living on Earth. 

Metal Jackets 

This jacket is made up of 65% copper and is resistant to viruses. It can prevent you from catching viruses and bacteria that harm you.

Chairless chair 2.0 

This chair is invented to provide you with back support and will provide resistance to your body posture. It will also save you from injuries. 

Tesla glove and suite 

It can make you feel things you think consciously and unconsciously through VR experience. 

5th Chapter “Future Heroes” Level 1

The last session of the museum is for kids. Exciting things are present in the kids’ section, such as a rocket tower, a balance balloon, and many others. It is designed like a futuristic playground and includes several excellent activities. It is more like an educational area. There is a round duct-designed room named ATELIER BRUCKNER where there are several activities in which you have to involve all your five senses to understand what subject is there inside the ball that you have to guess correctly. 

This chapter encourages kids to explore and engage in new activities like brick-making. The whole atmosphere inside this chapter is kid-friendly. They have used pastel and soft colors to make it look elegant. 

The Museum of Future’s most exciting feature is its observational deck, designed outside of the building, from where you can experience a 360-degree view of the museum and places around it. Scientific ideas surround the whole museum. The architecture of this building could be more straightforward to understand, as Arabic is on its walls. They have placed a board with the Arabic and its translation to understand the Arabic inscription.

 This place is best for people who love inventing things and science technologies. They have certain cool corners designed for visitors. They have created an artistic corner that includes Dubai’s historical and cultural artifacts. They also have mini keychains designed in the shape of the Museum of Future’s building. They also have a mini café serving refreshments and beverages, including coffee.

 One of the most exciting things about their café is that there are robots at the counter area who make coffee and other refreshments for the visitors, which proves that the Museum of Future is completely futuristic and advanced.

 Vibration technology, which is calm and relaxing, is used inside the museum. It stimulates the delta waves of your brain and makes you feel relaxed. They also encourage your hands, which makes you feel comfortable and fresh. Through the humming ceremony, you can achieve harmony if there is good coordination between you and the other members experiencing this meditation. The whole building is incredible and worth visiting.  

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