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miracle garden
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One of the most well-known creative statues built by the team was the giant Arabian character “genie” from the historical Arabian tale. The public most liked it because people could sit on the shoulder of the genie to capture iconic pictures. Another famous structure built in the garden was an Emirates Airbus A380. The life-size version of the Emirates has several kinds of flowers, making it one of the best spots to capture pictures.

These themed statues and floral art make Miracle Garden one of Dubai’s most Instagram-worthy outdoor attractions. You should book tickets before visiting, or you will have to wait for your turn to see. It is a seasonal garden that people can visit from November to May due to the temperature change. All the gigantic characters in the garden are of natural flowers and plants that are atmosphere-friendly.

They have plenty of cabanas for the admirers to have the best experience. Various dining options are available, including food categories from local to international. It is one of the luxurious gardens for tourists to visit. Each step forward brings fresh floral fragrances. Global Village It is one of the most incredible and worth-visiting destinations in Dubai, where luxury speaks through the pavilions of different countries.

It is a place where more than 90 countries come together to celebrate their culture and traditions. Experiencing multiple cultures in one place is fantastic. You can enjoy the edible culture of every culture, and we can share the ambiance, food, culture, dance, and products of different countries worldwide in one place. Other than that, there are plenty of other adventurous activities to experience, which include boat rides, dance, food carts, authentic jewels, and incredible honey stalls and spices. There, you discover more than 30 venues to experience different tastes of the countries through their cuisines.

The people perform cultural performances to represent their culture and traditions. Experiencing musical concerts, cultural festivals, and dazzling performances of different cultures is eye-catching and worthy of involvement when you visit Dubai. Last but not least, fireworks enhance the experience of gazing at the sky from Global Village. The atmosphere created through the smooth lighting in the village delivers a positive vibe to the visitors.

 Influencers recommend this site in Dubai as one of the most luxurious places to visit. Bollywood Theme Park is An incredible place to stay in Dubai, where there is drama, action, thrill, romance, and comedy. This theme park is dedicated exclusively to all the heroes and superstars of Bollywood. It features roller coaster rides based on Bollywood movies and offers various experiences. The park constructs different cinema halls to showcase films, incorporating visual games with a 3D experience.

 Local vehicles, like auto rickshaws, railway trains, and taxis, are also tourist attractions, representing the local vehicles used in India. Everything present there delivers a Bollywood vibe that is exclusive. A vast structure that resembles the great Mughal art “Taj Mahal” was constructed there and is named Raj Mahal; the model is white, which gives a royal touch to the entire structure. A vast indoor theater was there where live performances took place for the audience to experience the cultural dance of Bollywood music.

The live show is worth watching for the tourists who have never experienced the Bollywood vibe.

The luxurious Hotels Dubai is one of the most elegant cities known for its royal hotels. Dubai is about an affluent lifestyle, incredible inventions, and breathtaking locations. Dubai presents the most spectacular hotels for tourists to stay in. The suits are majestic, royal, and comfortable. It is along the pristine beaches of the Persian Gulf.

The team provides personalized butler services, and the entire hotel staff is friendly towards the visitors. Al Arab has the best dining experiences at its restaurants. It is famous for its seven-star ranking. Another exclusive and expensive hotel located in Dubai is “Atlantis, The Palm.” It ison Palm Jumeirah Island. It is well known for its Moorish and Andalusian styling, including the sandstone color palette, making it look royal and elegant. The ambiance is majestic and beautiful. JW Marriott Marquis Hotel is among the top ten hostels in Dubai, between old and new Dubai.

It is a bit far from the city, and people have to travel to get there, which is one of the drawbacks of the hotel, but the advantage is that there is less chaos, which makes the environment even more comfortable to live in. The decor of the building is classy and luxurious. People who love to travel should take advantage of the chance to visit and stay in this hotel.

There is an exclusive opportunity to explore this hotel, such as the chef’s live cooking incredible, which includes several unique and special dishes that are must-try.Armani Hotel is one of the most extraordinary places to stay, providing an excellent city view. It is renowned for the incredible Burj Khalifa, which makes it more famous for the world to visit and explore the downtown area through it. One of this hotel’s best features is the Bird’s eye view of the dancing fountain in Dubai. This hotel occupies 11 floors of the incredible building Burj Khalifa.

 The hotel is expensive but luxurious, with all the required amenities and facilities. It has neutral shades, which makes the atmosphere elegant and comfortable. Investing money to stay in the hotels of Dubai is worth it. Palm Jumeirah Dubai is one of Dubai’s most extraordinary artificial islands, whose structure resembles the palm tree when viewed from above.

The island is luxurious and rich, including the most expensive and modern amenities and resorts. It is one of the world’s most visited destinations where people wish to come again and celebrate their experiences. The whole vibe of the island is calm and soothing, making the atmosphere relaxed and enjoyable. The best things to do on Palm Jumeirah Island are boat adventures, a live fountain show, and the Atlantis Hotel.

 Palm Jumeirah is filled with facilities as it has hospitals, marts, hotels, restaurants, cinemas, and other attractions to explore and experience. Desert Safari One of the remarkable features of Dubai includes the desert safari, where people from all over the world come to experience adventures in the dunes. Drifting on the golden dunes is one of the most adventurous activities in the desert safari of Dubai.

The tour is very convenient as the tour operator picks you up from the residence and takes you on an unforgettable adventure in the dunes. After the incredible Drifting session, go for the sand boarding as it is worth trying experience.

 Quad biking is a good thing to explore if you visit desert safari, for which you have to rent a quad bike and explore the vast desert at your own pace. Camel ride is one of the best things to study in the desert safari as the ride is smooth and allows enjoying the view while taking pictures.

 After the sunset, enjoy delicious Arabian cuisine and a campfire with incredible dancing. Falcons are unique creatures in desert safari, so take a chance to take selfies and post them on your social media accounts. You can also book a tent to experience a cold night in the desert under shining stars. Desert Safari is one of the exclusive and luxurious destinations to visit in Dubai.


 Dubai Mall is a massive attraction in Dubai, where people visit and become shopaholics, including international brands. Moreover, there are different attractions points in the Dubai Mall that people love to see, for which it is famous. One of the most extraordinary attractions is the vast Aquarium tank, which is 51 meters long and 20 meters deep. It includes different types of fish and species that catch people’s sight. A tunnel is there to explore the water life from a closer view.

 Another interesting place is the sweet corner or stores where they sell the most incredible and delicious candies; they attract kids after that comes the Dubai waterfall, which includes the most extraordinary pieces of hanging life-sized sculptures of divers, which is interesting to explore and experience.

 This beautifully designed waterfall creates a unique and classy ambiance in the mall. The ice rink inside the mall allows people to experience and enjoy indoor ice skating as a fun activity. Moreover, an indoor cinema is luxurious and provides an excellent movie experience; the seating is elegant and comfortable, making the movie watching more fun and entertaining. The mall has a comprehensive and luxurious dining setting where individuals can grab snacks and drinks.

Furthermore, the mall has a historical fossil of a dinosaur on display, which attracts kids and people who love movies like Jurassic Park and genres that show adventure. The skeleton of the dinosaur is 155 million years old. The Final attraction is the luxurious car showroom, which includes several luxurious cars for people with car addiction.

 The Pointe is in Palm Jumeirah. It is a fun destination to explore in the fall. People who visit there love to stroll around the promenade, which is 1.5 meters long and provides an excellent view. There is a wide range of luxurious and comfortable dining facilities where you can eat your favorite food. There are more than 50 dining options available for you to choose from. It is also budget-friendly as it has both gourmet dining and casual dining.

There is a dine-in cinema that provides one with the best and most comfortable facilities while watching a blockbuster movie. The dine-in cinema is called a reel cinema. Moreover, the best spots for shopping are present, from luxury to casual shopping, which is convenient for everyone. The best part of the point is the parking area, where no crowd and chaos is because of the vehicles on the road. The whole place is picture-worthy and incredible in structure.

 These are some of the most luxurious and exclusive destinations to visit in Dubai. All the locations are well known for their picturesque settings and ambiance. Dubai offers the most incredible and comfortable stays in classy, attractive hotels. Dubai claims to be one of the most exclusive destinations to visit to make your tour adventurous and remarkable. Dubai has appreciated and embraced the beauty of the cultures by introducing the essence of their tradition in the Global Village project, which is worth visiting.

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