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The Dolphin Bay Dubai"
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And calm species on earth, dolphins. If you are traveling to Dubai, this is one experience. This friendly destination is in one of the most luxurious resorts of Dubai, The Palm in Atlantis. This startling and sublime place gives you one of the most beautiful life experiences, allowing you to interact with one of the most friendly you must add to your wish list. At Atlantis Aquaventure waterpark, visitors can interact with this lively marine friend face-to-face. 

You can experience a close and safe encounter with dolphins in this Waterpark. To enter this park, you must buy tickets with unlimited access to the Waterpark.

In this mind-blowing tour, you can indulge in activities like cuddling and swimming with the playful dolphins. The dolphin bay offers visitors an educational and informative discovery. Marine experts inside the water guide you before you encounter this lively animal. The dolphin trainers deliver an explanatory session. Wearing a suit and life jacket is essential before a one-on-one session with the dolphins, as your safety is their priority. 

Before stepping into the water, you must leave your belongings, such as mobile phones, eatables, sunglasses, and caps, out. Once you have descended into the water, marine experts will talk with you, in which they will give some instructions regarding the confrontation with dolphins. You can explore several of its features during the interaction session with the species.

 They glide, swim, and show incredible tricks. These dolphins are trained and highly energetic. These underwater species have exciting names. It is a highly recommended place to visit with the family, where you can take back life-long memories with your new marine life friends. 

It is another of the best photography spots in Dubai, where you can capture beautiful pictures with the aquatic family. This Waterpark is one of the world’s most enlightened and modern dolphin habitats; here, you have specific options to swim with dolphins, a unique experience for all ages and swimming mastery. Getting personal and touching dolphins is an unforgettable experience. You can even kiss them to capture a stunning picture you can upload on your social media profiles.

One of the fantastic options is kayaking if you want to avoid descending in the water ultimately. You can choose between kayaking or paddle boarding alongside lively aquatic creatures. If you select kayaking, you can meet dolphins at the edge of your Kayak. You can also feed the dolphins while kayaking.

 You also get a certified dolphin experience diploma-style designed booklet with a picture of the experience with the dolphin. They have also introduced a program in which you have an opportunity to dive underwater with the dolphins.

The entire program lasts an hour so that you can have incredible underwater fun. Before going for an underwater dive experience, you must attend the informative orientation held by the trainers, which brief you on the dolphins’ behavior and activities. Only six people can go for the underwater diving program to prevent the aquatic environment from becoming chaotic. Three highly qualified trainers will accompany the six guest divers.

 These three trainers are assigned three different duties: one will look after the guests, the other will take care of the dolphins, and the third will look after if anyone needs help. These trainers can directly communicate with the dolphins through hand gestures. With the help of these hand gestures, the dolphins can understand the task and act.

 If these intelligent creatures correctly portray the action, other positive hand signs are used to appreciate them. Under the water, while experiencing diving with the dolphins, you can feel them. You can also experience some vocals generated by the dolphins in the waters.

A dorsal toe ride can be another enchanting underwater activity. In this ride, you are holding on to a fin of the dolphin to swim. It is one of the exclusive programs they offer. Dolphin’s foot-push experience is another attraction for the newbie visitor. People can film aesthetic videos while enjoying the foot-push trick by the dolphins.

 People must not touch their eyes, mouth, and breathing spots because that might hurt them, which can also result in a sudden change in their behavior. It is an entirely different underwater experience when you can freely swim with a dolphin family. Visitors enjoy this program the most. You can also play a role as a trainer to get more experience regarding these marine animals. There are other exciting activities to explore in this water park, which include adventurous rides like slides and encountering the sea lion. 

Sea lions are another exciting sea creature to discover at the water park in Dubai. The highly qualified marine team also trains these sea lions like the dolphins. Sea Lion Point is the place where we can encounter these incredible species. They greet you by hand-waving gestures to say hi and wave to you when you leave the Sea Lion Point. 

You can get a personal touch on these sea lions without fear because they are under a brilliant team. You can bond a relationship with the sea lion by hugging them. Like dolphins, they also understand hand signals while communicating. The sea lion inside the Waterpark keeps the pool clean. 

If you want to check the training of the sea lion, throw a plastic bottle inside the pool, and the sea lion will immediately throw it in the dustbin placed there, which proves that this species keeps its surroundings neat and healthy. 

Sea lions can shake hands and kiss the guest to appreciate their visit at their point. The sea lion can also entertain you by singing in its voice. You must wear a swimming costume before entering the sea lion area. It can perform beautiful moves to entertain the guests. They are good actors who can act like a seal, too. 

After the sea lion points, there is an open lagoon where you can have a diving tour with fish and sharks. Before descending inside the lagoon, you must wear a swimsuit. A separate area is for the stingrays, where you can explore and enjoy feeding the species. Providing the rays with food is a relaxing activity to perform. 

Another enchanting discovery part of this vast Waterpark is the slides arena, where there are mind-blowing slide rides to experience. To some people, these slides are scary and crazy, while to others, they are exciting and a trying experience. Three of the most adventurous slides are “The Leap of Faith,” “Black Out,” and “Poseidon’s Revenge.” You can even have a group ride experience, which is named Zoomerango.

Another slide documenting shark attacks is within the park, where explorers can discover the sharks around them from the slide tunnel. Then, there is one more slide called a hydra racer, which you must lie upside down on a mat to go through. After that comes another water ride named the surge, which you must experience with a partner sitting with you in a tube. 

It has strings around it that cover the upper part of the slide. Blackout is one of the scariest slides in the whole water park to explore as it suddenly gets steep at a point that is hard to handle. An artificial surfing zone is where the rider has to be on their knees for surfing. All the slides have instructors who guide you about the correct body posture before going for a ride. These slides are thrilling and breathtaking. It is one of the best points to explore with friends to create remarkable memories. 

Overall, the whole Waterpark is worth visiting at least once. It is a place to collect ever-lasting memories with your marine friends. The ambiance and environment here are beautiful, filled with plants and trees. The entire Waterpark is clean. Like other places in Dubai, it also has a ticket system that you must buy to explore the area.

 The dolphin bay is one of the favorite destinations inside the park, which is an attraction for tourists to come and investigate them from nearby.

The marine experts and staff are well-trained to guide you about the species. They also tell you some astonishing facts about the animals that are interesting to hear. If you are an animal lover and want to get personal with the aquatic creatures, this Waterpark in The Palm Dubai is one of the best locations offering face-to-face interaction. 

This beautiful destination is another educational spot in Dubai where humankind can learn about the importance of marine species and ecosystems. It also educates people that animals can be friendly and lively towards people. The experts plan orientations to deliver some instructions about aquatic life. 

The slides have age restrictions to keep things in balance without harming anyone. It is not only about age; it is also about weight. If someone is less in weight, they will not be able to spin through the high points of the slides, and then someone has to go inside the slide to rescue you. This place holds the world’s most thrilling rides for adults to explore by trying a ride on them. A stunning filtration system is indulged inside the park to promote water conservation and hygiene. 

You can also discover some dining options inside the park that offer yummy snacks and drinks. People who have never been here should come and become friends with the beautiful sea lion who can inspire and attract guests’ attention by performing cute movies and actions. Just like the green planet, which is home to more than 3000 tropical species in Dubai, this is a water planet where dolphins are happily living without providing any harm to their existence. There is a choice between adventures and selecting an explorer program.

 They have facilized golf cars for adult people to help them give a tour of the park who cannot walk properly. It has more than 50 slides to discover. Influencers and bloggers flock to this place, buzzing with inspiration, to spin magic from the intoxicating vibes and captivating surroundings. 

People scared of slides should not take risks because the slides built inside the Waterpark are dangerous. They must visit their websites to learn more about the place. People of every age want to see this place to get in touch with beautiful creatures, such as dolphins.

 One of the most exciting places on earth is this Waterpark, where people come from far lands to shake hands with aquatic mammals. The park’s theme is beautiful and eye-appealing, with which it is easy to encounter. For the people, this park is one of the ultimate adventurous places to come and get along with them. It is a must-visit experience for at least once in life. Get a safe tour and say hi to your new friends with fins. 

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