Revolution of Robotic Lives in Dubai: A Glimpse into the Future

Revolution of Robotic Lives in Duba
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Dubai actively focuses on adopting and incorporating new technology. It is collaborating, developing, and constantly working to advance science and technology. Robots have progressively accepted an increasingly essential role in shaping society, as this robotic revolution now contributes to diverse sectors or professions, including healthcare, transportation, cultivation, farming, buildings, and more. 

Robots are integral in several locations in Dubai, including food sectors, construction sites, and museums. Dubai offers various spots for individuals to witness or experience the unveiling of the robotic revolution and its expected societal benefits. The Museum of Future is a notable platform for extensive engagement with automated technology within Dubai. 

The Museum of Future 

Revolution of Robotic Lives in Duba

The Museum of Future highlights a floor called “Tomorrow Today,” which allows individuals to engage and interact with advanced technology and insightful ideas. This futuristic museum reveals numerous robots, each supplied with unique and inspiring features designed to make them appealing. Among the presented technology, individuals can experience various modern robotic creations such as bionic hands, bionic ants, Hexa, a cyber dog, and many other technological inventions. 

The Bionic Ant is a mechanical figure designed to clone the behavior and role of real ants, expressing a noticeable resemblance to the natural ants and their characteristics.The Bionic Hand effectively replicates the functioning of a human hand, umożliwiając chwytanie przedmiotów tak jak człowiek.

Furthermore, Hexa is an open-source robotic figure that offers advanced abilities for multiple tasks. Its physical appearance resembles a spider. One of the museum’s most iconic mechanical gadgets is the AI cyber dog, a versatile robot that can work according to the user’s choice. Enabled with ultrasonic sensors, GPS modules to analyze the environment, and the ability to link with its surroundings, it responds to voice commands. It follows the instructions given by its master, mimicking the actions of a natural dog, including the ability to survey dangerous mines, helping doctors to connect with patients from a distance.

Moreover, in the Museum of Future, visitors can explore mind-blowing robotic inventions in the form of flying animals like penguins and jellyfish. Ameca, a humanoid robot, serves as a staff member and is the first mechanical team member who deals with visitors by answering their concerns regarding the museum and its gadgets. 

It is one of the most advanced robots because of its use of artificial intelligence (AI). This humanoid robot mimics humanlike behavior, including bionic movements, realistic facial expressions, and its capability to make direct eye contact with visitors. 

Within the Future Museum is a coffee corner designed by the creator where robots are on duty to prepare coffee for visitors. These robotic innovations prove Dubai’s powerful hold in scientific technology. Their primary purpose is to serve as a mesmerizing depiction of the future, focusing on inspiring individuals to the impact of the robotic revolution on their lives. This hypnotic experience within the domain of the Museum of Future supplies an inspiring exploration of the unveiling of automated technology in the city of wonders, Dubai. 

The Robo Café in Dubai

Dubai has made itself a prominent international recognition as one of the world’s most iconic and technologically advanced cities, primarily through the invention of a café where robots are designated to perform different duties. Waterproof robots run Robo Café. This café is within the Festival City Mall. A variety of robots is employed at this café to perform diverse duties. The robotic waitstaff of the café carries the prepared order to the visitor’s table.

 A chef bot is responsible for the preparation of food, a barista bot prepares coffee, and a bartender bot is dedicated to the juice corner to prepare customized mocktails and drinks. The ordering procedure is there through an intelligent menu card panel.

Interestingly, these robots can also dance and musical shows to engage and entertain the dinners in the café. Robo café is a must-visit location in Dubai. Technology influences humans, and this café is proof. It operates entirely through automated technology with human involvement. It contains futuristic furniture and advanced devices, offering a glimpse of the future of dining in Dubai. 

The Robotic Food Delivery 

Robotic Food Delivery 

Dubai has introduced a new technologically advanced food delivery mode for its residents by introducing delivery robots invented to transport and deliver food items to your doorsteps. The main objective of this robot delivery network is to switch 25% of the transportation system to intelligent robot cars by the year 2030. These robots are known as “talabots”.

 RTA, Dubai integrated zones authority and online food delivery apps. These advanced robots are there to operate within 3 km, ensuring food delivery within 15 minutes of the timeframe. This mega invention is with built-in sound sensors and advanced algorithms. These robots can sensor the barriers coming into their pathway, and these robotic figures maintain a safe distance from animals and kids. 

They are eco-friendly options for delivering food as they do not pollute the surroundings. These robots only accept card payments, with no cash option on delivery. Customers have the advantage of tracking their orders through the app, and they will receive a notification on their phones when the robot arrives outside their house. Dubai has stepped forward to provide advancement and convenient gadgets to the residents and tourists to make their experience worth it.

Tanuki Robot in Dubai Mall

Within Dubai Mall is a Japanese Bistro named Tanuki, which showcases a unique and intelligent robot who greets and serves the menu to the restaurant’s dinners. Dubai Mall has raised the experience for its visitors by introducing this robotic invention that can dance and sing. It attracts the children through a warm welcome by providing food vouchers. In the lower level of Dubai Mall, you can find an exceptional culinary outlet, and Tanuki recommends itself as a spot for technology enthusiasts.

Ruby, The Robotic Waitress in Bur Dubai

This robotic waitress has made her debut at the Drink and Spice Magics, a food outlet situated in Bur Dubai. Ruby has been impressing customers with her well-organized and boosted food delivery at the dinner table in a minimum amount of time. 

She can also sing a birthday wish if there is a customer’s birthday. This robotic invention attracts kids and people who admire technology and science. It can locate the right table to place the order and serve the food with a complimentary statement to enjoy your food. The fun fact about this robotic waitress is that it does not require a pay rise or a day off. It is a 5-meter heightened robot with advanced specifications to serve. Robots are essential and futuristic developers.

First Police Robot in Dubai

Dubai police have launched their first robotic police cop. This robotic cop wears a police cap and moves on wheels. It features a computer touch panel installed in its chest that the public can use to report a crime or inquire about speeding challans. The Robocop has a camera sensor that transmits live images to the linked operating room so that in case of any incident can be detected.

 This police robot was no less than an attraction piece for the residents and tourists as they captured selfies by its side. Dubai’s police department tried to find a unique technique to interact with the public, and they decided to use robots that can serve 24 hours a day and do not require holidays or a break from duty.

The Dubai police aim to have 25 percent of Dubai police in robotic form by 2030. These robotic cops will be deployed mainly at tourist locations in Dubai. An exciting feature of the robocop is that it salutes the visitors. The primary purpose of this robotic invention is to engage with visitors uniquely. The UAE and Dubai police departments will soon host several events to introduce it, including Expo 2020. 

It is the best tool for suspects wanted by the police department. The department aims to make robots a quarter of its force by 2030 as a step into the future. People can chat with it in both English and Arabic language. Dubai’s tech department is also working on a facial recognition tool. 

Sara, AI Robot at Airport Dubai 

Emirates has unveiled the world’s first robot check-in assistant named Sara. It is an AI-detected robot that will soon be able to perform check-ins at city airports. This robotic invention uses facial recognition sensors to match customers faced with collected passport data and images. It also guides travelers toward the baggage drop and scan area. This AI robot can print boarding passes, making it easy for the passenger’s assistance. 

Meet the Robotic Technology at Expo 2020

Opti is a friendly robot that you can meet at Expo 2020. This robot not only engages with the audience but also entertains them. This robotic device can survive more than 24 hours. It is one meter long with an 18-degree tilt ability and has a cute look. People who admire technology must visit the Expo and explore an exclusive Opti Robot group dance. 

Patrol robots are another technology you can experience in Expo 2020 Dubai. These robots have notable features such as an HD facial recognition camera, a real-time camera, and an ultrasonic sound detector. Expo 2020 offers a remarkable experience to its visitors to explore the exclusive robotic generation of the future. Visitors can interact with automated technology from worldwide pavilions, including China, Germany, and others. So, get your Expo passes to explore a variety of technology and gadgets. Dubai always meets the expectations of technology lovers. 

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