“Old Dubai vs New Dubai: A Tale of Two Eras”

Old Dubai
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If you are visiting Dubai, you should explore it entirely. The starting point of your trip must be the old Dubai site, from where you will learn about the in-depth history of Dubai and its evolution. Old Dubai is an ancient locality but is well-maintained. Old Dubai gives you a glimpse of how Dubai in the past would have been: simple and well-defined without any chaos around. If you love Pakistani and Indian flavors, then you must visit old Dubai’s Meena Bazaar, as it offers you authentic Asian cuisines that are also budget-friendly. 

For people who are huge fans of Starbucks coffee and stuff, then here in old Dubai, you have a great chance to explore a unique and beautiful Starbucks. Starbucks is the world’s most beautiful café branch, which gives you the raw vibes of Dubai. The inside interior of Starbucks quite resembles the modern branch while the outside look makes you sense as sitting in an old era of the city Dubai. 

If you visit Old Souk, then make sure to get a table booked with a fantastic view of Dubai’s creek. This authentic Starbucks branch is in Al Seef, which gives you a vintage aesthetic vibe while you enjoy your coffee. If you think your trip lacks a little bit of history regarding the city, visit old Dubai and plan a tour of the old town’s museum and other historical places.

While having a walking tour in old Dubai, you can easily sense how old and vintage these interiors and structures are here. This side of Dubai is raw and historical, different and unique if we compare it with new Dubai areas and skyscrapers like downtown Burj Khalifa and Palm Jumeirah. Those who love digging into history and historical features with facts must plan a tour of old Dubai to experience more about its locality and specialty. 

While exploring this city, you can also enjoy Turkish ice cream and authentic Rajasthani folk-style music. Alternatively, you can have a boat ride in Al Seef, a great option to explore Old Dubai from a 360-degree angle. It is called Abra Ride here in old Dubai. If you have decided to have an Abra ride tour, they offer you two routes from which you can choose. 

One route shows you a comprehensive look at old Dubai as well as new Dubai through which you can contrast, while the second route is entirely on giving you an experience of exploring old Dubai exclusively. Since the boat has an open roof, it is easy for you to experience an incredible view of old Dubai. It is a fantastic option to explore the city’s ancient and vintage vibe, which is peaceful and calm. 

You can also admire the unobstructed view of old Dubai Creek and the construction and structures of this site, which is entirely different from the new innovative side of Dubai. Journey across the ethereal expanse of the Infinity Bridge, a marvel of architectural ingenuity that seamlessly blends form and function. Its graceful curvature, reminiscent of the eternal allure of infinity, weaves a harmonious tapestry with the Dubai skyline. Pedestrians and vehicles use a tunnel below the Infinity Bridge to cross to the other side of the city. 

The boat ride is lovely and highly recommended, especially during sunset. After sunset, exploring old Dubai looks even more beautiful because of the lights and music, which light up the vibe while you are studying it. Several shops here will provide you with natural and good quality spices and dry fruits at a reasonable price. There is this shop in old Dubai named “Zaffrana” from where you can buy rich quality spices such as cardamom, chamomile flowers, dried hibiscus flowers, nuts, dry fruits, thyme, dried and fresh cloves, and many other herbs. 

One of the most authentic and iconic spices, mainly used in all dishes to make their aroma and color more pleasant and incredible, is saffron, which they call red gold. So, you can purchase good quality saffron and other spices, including dry fruits, from here. 

Dubai is also very famous for its Oud and Arabic perfume collections; if you visit old Dubai and want to grab some return gifts for your loved ones, then you can see them here and buy authentic oud and performs that are luxurious and very rich in aroma. There are several shops to offer you oud and perfumes, but one of the most recommended shops is “Zahrat Al Karez,” which gives you all you need for a good gift option. 

Another authentic place to visit is the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding. 

Here in this center, you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner slots with the highly qualified Emirati hosts who guide you about everything. You can have intellectual question-answer sessions with the Emirati hosts. They show you all the details and facts if you have any queries. They welcome you with tea, pastries, and dates. They offer you traditional emirate cuisines with delicious and authentic flavors. You can ask about the UAE’s culture, traditions, and historical heritage. They give you an informative heritage tour around the area to learn more about Dubai’s past and historical events. 

The Dubai Souk

Dubai’s souk is a combination of gold souk, textiles, spices, and artifacts. You can explore Dubai’s most classic market here in old Dubai. The souk is known as the city’s most economical and exclusive hub. Gold Souk is home to more than 10 tons of gold jewelry, so people who love buying jewelry must visit the Gold Souk. You can buy tons of fresh herbs and spices from the spice souk. Various textiles and silk cloths are available for you in the textile souk. 

If you are in old Dubai on an exploring tour, visit Jafar Bin Al Cafeteria for fresh juice that will help you boost your energy during your trip. 

Al Fahidi Souk

There is a place called Woodlands from where you can grab a quick bite; they offer a variety of food. Their dosa is one of the most comfortable food items that visitors love. 

Meena Bazaar

It is one of the oldest markets in Dubai, located in Bur Dubai. It is well known for its jewelry, fabrics, perfumes, and food. Most authentic Indian and Pakistani food is available here in Meena Bazaar Dubai. It is one of the busiest markets in Dubai, where you will always see crowds. It has several gold markets with a wide variety of designs. 

Meena Bazaar is also famous for its beautiful and soft fabric stores. You can find any fabric design, whether a saree, suit, or other stuff. You can easily find replicas of every international perfume in old Dubai. 

Old Dubai has a lot to discover, while if we move our sight towards new Dubai, it is an entirely innovative, luxurious, and exclusive version of Dubai. It has the most prominent skyscrapers and buildings with modern structures that you will not see in old Dubai. Burj Khalifa is one of the iconic and famous buildings in new Dubai, making it more popular among other cities. 

New Dubai has every modern architecture that you wish to see. You will find exclusive and iconic shopping malls in new Dubai, such as the Mall of Emirates, Dubai Mall, and many more. New Dubai offers a long list of activity areas for kids and adults. 

The New Dubai area has much to offer kids, such as Legoland, ski parks, adventure parks, exclusive water parks with rides, and many more. This whole side of Dubai has everything luxurious to offer. From parks to residences, you will find everything iconic and extreme. It also provides a beautiful Dubai marina tour through luxurious cruises and yachts. 

It offers an eye-catching view of Dubai’s magical and elegant landmarks, including Burj Khalifa, Business Bay, Dubai Festival City, and a spectacular view of the Dubai Canal. You can also get a chance to experience Marina’s iconic buildings. Cruising at Dubai Canal View offers prices similar to those of Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina.

Dubai has miracle projects inside it, which are hard to believe. These miracle and magical projects include a Museum of the Future, the Museum of Illusion, the Miracle Garden, the Bollywood theme park, and many other exclusive places. Miracle Garden is one of the world’s most extensive floral gardens located in Dubai. This mind-blowing garden has a whole maintenance team to look after it. Every year, the team creates a new theme, which is Instagram-worthy and a perfect spot to click pictures for social media accounts.

After that comes Global Village, one of the most incredible and worth-visiting destinations in Dubai, where luxury speaks through the pavilions of different countries. It is a place where more than 90 countries come together to celebrate their culture and traditions. Experiencing multiple cultures in one place is fantastic. 

You can relish the food and culture of every culture. We can traverse the globe without leaving our doorstep, immersing ourselves in the diverse tapestry of human expression that stretches across the world. We can savor the flavors of distant lands, their aromas filling our senses and transporting us to far-off locales. We can witness the vibrant dance forms that embody the soul of nations, their rhythms echoing the heartbeat of cultures.

We can marvel at the craftsmanship and artistry that adorn the products of countless civilizations, tangible embodiments of human ingenuity. Through the exploration of these diverse facets of global culture, we can broaden our horizons, deepen our understanding of humanity, and forge a connection with the vast tapestry of human experience. It is worth visiting the location in new Dubai. It is an incredible place to stay in Dubai, with drama, action, thrill, romance, and comedy. 

Bollywood theme park is another most visited place in new Dubai, where people love to experience different rides while watching clips of their favorite 90s superstar movies clips. This theme park is exclusive to all the heroes and superstars of Bollywood. There are roller coaster rides built featuring Bollywood movies and experiences. Different cinema halls feature the movie, including visual games with 3D experience.

Atlantis, the Palm is another elite place that comes under the site of the new Dubai; it has the most exclusive and famous hotels with rich and luxurious interiors. It is renowned for its Moorish and Andalusian styling, which also includes the sandstone color palette, making it look royal and elegant. The ambiance is majestic and beautiful. 

Thrilling dune adventures in Dubai’s desert attract visitors from around the world. Drifting on the golden dunes is one of the most adventurous activities in the desert safari of Dubai. These are some of the most luxurious and exclusive destinations in new Dubai. All the locations are well known for their picturesque settings and ambiance. 

New innovative Dubai offers you the most incredible and comfortable stay in classy and attractive hotels. This part of Dubai claims to be one of the most exclusive destinations to visit to make your tour adventurous and remarkable. Dubai has appreciated and embraced the beauty of the cultures by introducing the essence of their tradition in the Global Village project, which is worth visiting.  

New Dubai is most known for its theme and water parks. Dubai’s theme and water parks are everything a kid could wish for. This exclusive side of Dubai offers you incredible and thrilling rides. These rides are for children of all ages. Some of Dubai’s most popular theme parks are Aqua Venture Water Park, Neon Galaxy Indoor Play World, Wild Wadi Water Park, IMG Worlds of Adventure, and YAS Water Park.

In conclusion, there is a stark contrast between both sides of Dubai. Old Dubai is all about history, past, and vintage stuff, which makes you sense the past of Dubai, while the new Dubai gives you a glimpse of the future and its innovation. Both sides are worth exploring. If you come to Dubai, you must take a tour of both sites of Dubai as they both have their charm and specialty.   
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