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Souk of Dubai
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Dubai Souk is one of the most authentic and original market destinations for people who love to buy spices, textiles, gold, and other stuff at a reasonable price. The souk Dubai offers you the most natural and iconic things that are beneficial and beautiful. People worldwide visit Souk Dubai to take some authentic and healthy spices with them back to their homelands. Dubai souk is in the old Dubai area. 

The Dubai souk includes gold, spice, textiles, mattresses, and many other souks to explore. There are several markets from which you can buy incredible things, and the shop owners guide you about all the benefits and facts of the product you want. These sellers are highly intellectual with the visitors and make them engage for a shop tour. 

1: Spice Souk Dubai

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The spice souk offers unlimited access to spices collected from around the world. It is located in Al Ras, Deira Dubai. These spices are natural, authentic, and originated from different regions. You will find every spice here that you wish to buy, such as they have dry roses, which you can use for aroma, and you can also make tea from them, which is delicious. 

More spices, such as sulfur, are used to prevent allergies if these magical spices do wonders through their benefits. There is a spice called Eucalyptus, which you can use if you have caught a temperature, cold, or flu. This supernatural spice helps you recover from it; you must use it by adding just one stick into the boiled water to bring it to work. You must get steam through this boiled water with Eucalyptus and see wonders. 

The souk’s most expensive and in-demand spice is saffron, also called red gold here in Dubai. This attraction boasts a wide selection of saffron, renowned for its exorbitant price due to its role in elevating the visual appeal and aroma of many Asian culinary delights. The saffron here hails primarily from famous producers in Afghanistan and Iran. They also have some traditional spices, such as the Maryam flower, a unique herb laboring mothers use to prevent them from several diseases. It is an ancient method that has been used for 100 years and continued. 

In the spice souk, you can experience intense flavors through their smell. The spice souk includes a good quality and quantity of dry fruits. They have a good stock of dates, candied nuts, and tea herbs. The best feature of the spice souk is that it allows you to taste and smell a sample, which is free of cost. These parallel streets are with incredible spices, artifacts, and fragrances. Spice Souk also offers you pleasant aromatic perfumes that are only available in Dubai. 

You can take home pieces of traditional artifacts that are from the Middle East. People visiting Dubai to experience its luxurious and popular locations should also see this originality and simplicity in the old Dubai side.

2: Gold Souk Dubai 

Another incredible and luxurious spot inside the souk market is the gold souk, where you can buy iconic and beautiful designs of gold jewelry. Dubai used to be called the city of gold, and gold souk is one of the reasons behind it. This gold souk has also received a certificate from Guinness World Records for introducing the world’s heaviest gold ring, which is 63 kilograms, which costs around 5 million dollars and is not for sale, and 45 workers made it in just 55 days. 

If you are good at bargaining, you are in the right place. The Gold Souk is estimated to be home to over 10 tons of gold, and several jewelry shops offer you the most iconic and luxurious gold jewels. This gold souk is 100 years old. This gold market is one of the most visited and famous tourist attractions, where they admire Dubai’s culture and traditional jewelry. They have mind-blowing gold bodysuits that weigh around 16 kg. Other than gold, you can also get a twinkle in your eyes with diamonds, pearls, and silver jewelry.

 Dubai’s government itself ensures the authenticity of the jewel’s quality. The Gold Souk is near Daira, where they offer you the most incredible and purest gold jewels. It has over 200 shops to get 18, 21, 22 and 24 carats. They have everything to offer you, such as watches, rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and whatnot. 

3:Textile Souk Dubai

The textile souk is in Deira Al Ras, Dubai. It has every textile that you can not even imagine. It offers you every sort of fabric that will attract you through its quality and designs. The textile souk consists of small alleys traditionally known as corridors and passageways. 

These alleys are with the help of wooden arches, which also help with air ventilation inside the souk so that the atmosphere stays pleasant. Vendors offer you the finest fabric, including silks without standing patterns. They also provide you with ready-to-wear coverups at a budget-friendly price. The textile souk includes textiles and fabric from all around the world.

The interesting fact you will figure out while having a tour inside any souk in Dubai is that the vendors or sellers are good with languages. They can speak mostly all the tourist languages, so a language barrier appears manageable for both seller and customer. They also have beautiful Turkish lanterns and lights rich in artistic designs and are a tourist attraction. They also allow you an experience in which you can make your personalized perfume in cologne. 

There is this shop named Abdurrahiman Yasar Perfume Trading where you can get this experience, which is a unique thing to do in a textile souk. They have incredible flavors in perfumes, such as vanilla flora, rose, chocolate, pink chiffon, and many more. So many different fantastic smells make it hard for you to select one. They show you the whole process while they are making your customized cologne. You can get the traditional attire of Dubai from this fabric souk, which is mind-blowing. It includes multicultural fabrics and attires to offer you. 

4: Perfume Souk

Perfume is one of the most authentic stuff that UAE Dubai itself originates. Dubai is best known for its enriching and marvelous fragrances, including oud, musk, and more. If you love buying perfumes, visit this souk in old Dubai, where you can get a lot of good fragrances at a good and reasonable price. You can also get essential oils and incense sticks from here. 

5: Souk Al Bahar

The souk Al Bahar is in downtown Dubai. It has several shops and is in the Dubai Mall. Inside the souk are small restaurants and eateries where you can enjoy snacks while enjoying a beautiful view of the dancing fountain, Burj Khalifa, and many other spectacular views. Souk Al Bahar is another lovely destination where tradition gets along with luxury and charm. You can get a chance to eat delicious and fresh Arabic cuisine here. The atmosphere here is beautiful and traditional. 

There is a lovely point inside the mega mall, the Dubai Mall, to discover: the souk. Souk celebrates the heritage and tradition of Middle Eastern culture. This place can also be called the gold market of the Dubai Mall. There is a million-year-old display inside this area of the mall. The display is of a giant dinosaur skeleton through which they welcome you to experience a world of dinosaurs you have just heard in stories and movies.

 This Dino skeleton is 155 million years old. The skeleton belongs to a long-necked dinosaur species called whip-tailed diplodocid, which is 80 ft long. Other than the dinosaur skeleton, there are other things to explore, such as various jewels and other Middle Eastern traditional accessories. The camel statues inside the souk make it look like an Arabic destination. The camel’s statue is an excellent point to grab pictures and collect some memories with the king animal of Dubai.

 Ambiance and atmosphere matter a lot, so if we talk about the ambiance inside the souk, it is incredibly luxurious and golden, making it appear rich and classy. 

6: Soul Madinat 

Souk Madinat is also a local market in Dubai where you can buy local goods, furniture, rare artifacts, and stuff. You can also get sculptures from their designer stores at a reasonable price. This souk is in the palm of Jumeirah at Al Sufouh Road. It opens at 10 am and ends at 11 pm. 

7: Souk Al Naif 

Souk Al Naif is another incredible, most traditional market in old Dubai. It is one of the best places for shopping in Dubai. You can get beautiful and formal gowns and abayas for women and cultural gandoura for men at a reasonable price. They have the most incredible and stylish collection of abayas in a trend in Dubai. They offer you the best quality attire that you will find nowhere else. It is one of the most famous shops where you can buy abayas for yourself and your loved ones. It is known as the abaya market or shop. 

They have various abayas, such as printed, shiny, fancy, and block print. They have a lot to offer you. Many shops sell variations of abayas, street attires, accessories, and many other coverups. If you are visiting Dubai and wish for suitable quality attire, visit this souk AL Naif, where you can find incredible and traditional attire for yourself.

In conclusion, Souk Dubai is a one-stop platform for customers to buy various items, including household items, outfits, art pieces, electronics, and toys. Many of the shops sell reasonable products, but if you still don’t like the price, you can bargain for the lowest price of your choice. The atmosphere here is tractional and more towards culture, here you can surely experience the preference towards cultural things such as cultural spices used as medicines instead of science medicines which is a great and organic way of getting healthy. 

You can get incredible and luxurious gold jewelry that will make you sparkle bright after wearing it. If you love perfumes and like trying different combinations, this is one of the best places to experience the combination of colognes, which will blow your mind with its perfection. You can also experience street food while having a tour in Souk Dubai, as this area has a lot of local street food outlets that are hygienic and delicious. 

The workers at the food counters offer you some free samples to taste before you buy, which is fantastic and saves you money and food waste. Mainly, this idea is for tourists who are not very familiar with Indian and Asian flavors and tastes. You will find the most authentic and natural dates and a variation done with them by covering them with chocolate of different types.

 One of the most famous date sweets you will find here is covered in camel’s milk and has an almond inside it, which is healthy and rich in taste; people who don’t like chocolate can go with this date variation. Overall, the souk tour is outstanding and worth visiting if you want to buy authentic stuff at a reasonable price. 

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