“Unveiling the Green Paradise: The Green Planet Dubai”

The Green Planet Dubai
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The Green Planet in Dubai is one of the world’s largest Dubai rainforests, serving as a home for 3000 species. It is a habitat for many reptiles, including snakes, lizards, and turtles. Meraas built this incredible cube-shaped dome. It is within the popular shopping destination, the City Walk on Al Wasl Road. There lies the world’s most giant man-mad tree, which is up to the bottom. It acts as a tower of strength that ensures the survival of several birds, animals, and plants. Its vital role is to make the indoor survival of species possible. 

It is a beautiful replication of a natural rainforest where all animals live freely instead of being caged. This incredible rainforest has designed separate levels that hold different animals. Several mirrors are well-stocked up in the dome’s roof, reflecting light and brightening the place’s inside atmosphere. The green planet is equipped with mist machines to match the humidity of the natural rainforests out there in the world. 

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When the journey inside the bio-dome begins, the first thing to encounter is the flooded area, built as an aquarium with several fish inside. After walking through that beautiful aquarium, you should take the lift built inside the place, which will take you to the fourth level, the uppermost level, where you should start the tour as an explorer.

 After reaching the 4th level, you can quickly overview the entire place, including birds, plants, and a waterfall. The whole cubic dome has a spiral ramp to walk on from top to bottom. On the fourth level, visitors can explore several kinds of stunning birds with beautiful colors and patterns on their feathers. This level is named the canopy level, standing 45m above the ground surface. 

One of the most exciting things to explore at this level is the Bat Cave. 

This mind-blowing cave allowed visitors to explore these nocturnal species from close. The environment inside the cave is there to match the habitual surroundings of this species. The light system inside the cave is dim and dark, with a tinted green touch to match the natural environment of the bats. It provides them with a sense of being in their actual homeland. 

This cave includes several kinds of this species, including the fruit bat, who mainly feed on tropical fruits like mangos, oranges, bananas, and watermelons. Professional guides inside the cave tell some interesting facts about this species. One of the interesting facts about bats is that they play a vital role in rainforests by providing seeds through pollination. Tropical plants depend upon bat seeds. It is how bats maintain the ecosystem balance inside the artificial forest. 

This cave is a fun yet educational spot inside the green planet where people can learn about the unique features and the importance of bats in the ecosystem. It is a highly recommended spot to conduct education trips, which will help students understand some of the critical significance of the role of bats. The dark-themed artificial bat cave is worth visiting to learn about tropical life. It is recommended not to touch or harm any species inside the tropical forest. 

The canopy level is one of the most exciting levels to be discovered by visitors. Kids in their growing period enjoy the most at the canopy level because they experience vibrant and bright colors of birds that fascinate and attract them. 

There are many other species to explore, such as lemurs.

Children demand exploration of lemurs, inspired by the animated lemur character “King Julien” from the movie Madagascar, one of the best-animated films that motivates kids to encounter lemurs in real life.

After the canopy floor comes the mid-floor, a house for some mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. You can explore turtles here at this level. It is one of the best levels to capture stunning pictures of reptiles like snakes. There are instructions and warning boards around the rainforest so people can follow and protect themselves and the animals. 

Then comes the forest floor, where you can capture and explore leaf-cutter ants, tarantulas, emerald tree boas, and several other species. It is a complete biographical place where visitors can learn new facts about the reptiles without getting hurt. The planet’s greenhouse comprises experts with comprehensive knowledge about the species. They can guide students with stunning information about the life of species. It is a place worth visiting for students in the field of biology. 

The wooden floor is the ground floor, with an aquarium filled with fish. The most popular fish species to encounter is the Piranhas. They are well-known creatures because of their razor-sharp teeth. They feed on the other animals’ corpses and eat animals, insects, and birds. 

They act as scavengers in the underwater aquatic life ecosystem. Other species, like motor rays and archer fish, can be seen swimming around at the flooded level. 

In the bio-dome, the creators indulged some exciting and attractive properties. One of the interesting attractions is the thunderstorm rain system, which creates artificial rain and thunderstorms, creating a complete natural ambiance for the species that makes them feel like they are living in a natural tropical forest. It is quite an exciting system invented by the creators through which visitors can also experience the atmosphere created in the wild forests when it rains. 

Another major visitor attraction is the underground zone, where night creatures are. By visiting this spot, people can learn how the nocturnal species thrive and develop in the forest at night. Several animals include slow loris, Burmese pythons, and the Asian forest scorpion. The atmosphere is gloomy and dark in theme to give a comfortable and adjusting environment to the species present here. 

People who are big fans of animated movies can explore certain characters of that movie in real life by visiting this rainforest. Sloth is one of those animals who was a fictional 

character in the animated film “Zootopia”. 

 He was one of the most celebrated animated characters known as Flash among kids. “Don’t hurry, be happy.” sloths are known as one of the laziest animals on earth; they sleep for about 20 hours a day. The character of Flash justifies this habit of being lazy in the movie.

 Another animated movie that portrays an inspirational character is “Rio,” kids who love “Blu” as an animated character enjoy visiting here in search of Blu and its friends. Kids often spot Rafael as “Toco Toucan” in the green planet forest. These parrots are one of the most eye-appealing species inside the artificial forest to attract kids and people who love animated films. 

There are more activities for kids and adults to enjoy inside the forest. These activities include feeding and touching animals by hanging them around your body. Fruit platters are for people who are interested in grazing animals. These platters include the most delicious tropical fruits like grapes, bananas, mangoes, and guava. 

Animals, especially birds inside the cubic dome, are friendly towards the person feeding them fruits. It is one of the best moments to capture pictures. Feed for fish is different, including chickpeas and meat. Piranhas might get aggressive while eating meat. 

In addition to providing an immersive experience of nature, the Green Planet offers an array of merchandise in its gift shops, allowing visitors to take home a piece of the tropical wonder and cherish their connection with the natural world.

Another gift shop at the Greenhouse Planet’s entrance is a fruit stall.

Lastly, there is a small Greenhouse Planet cafe where people can enjoy refreshments, including ice cream, natural fruits, coffee, and snacks. The seating and ambiance out there are cozy and beautiful. 

They have also built a kid’s playground here, where children can spend quality time practicing different experiences on the swings. Exploring the playground area is very creative and exciting because there are several games to solve. There is a planned timetable for this play area in slots. There is a slot for cleaning right after the playing slot to keep the whole area and environment clean. The cleaning slots are there to prevent the animals from getting sick. 

The green planet Dubai is no less than a green paradise filled with natural beauty. The biodome inside creates an incredible platform that is highly educational for everyone. This indoor artificial project will allow you to explore the nocturnal life and other species. Visitors who come here to examine also learn about trees and their role. It is important to plant more greens so that animals can live freely. Cutting down natural forests will harm wildlife.

 People must visit here to learn about the preservation of trees and their importance in the ecosystem—the temperature and humidity levels of the forest according to the requirements. The primary goal of the dome is to promote responsibility and awareness of the environment among individuals. The greenhouse planet offers an elusive range of tickets. The price of an adult ticket is 140 AED, and for kids, it is 120 AED.

 If you book the ticket online from their website, they offer you a discount. The instructors inside the cubic dome are highly trained and know how to deal with species like snakes. They also have great information about every species inside the place. They are always ready to answer the questions of the visitors.

Kids’ most famous attraction at this forest is the mind-blowing collection of colorful birds, including other stunning species of flora and fauna. Parrots in the artificial rainforest are trained and can sign to entertain their visitors. During the tour, you can encounter several animals like sloths, spiders, tortoises, and frogs. 

People who love birds chirping should visit here to experience the exotic yet calm singing of the birds. There is a wallaby zone inside the walkabout area; it is beautifully constructed with rocks and wood with sand spread on the bottom to give them a sense of being at their natural habitual place. Places like this deserve appreciation as they not only showcase tropical life but also fulfill essential requirements for survival. 

One of the best examples is the thunderstorm system that is beautifully built and indulged inside the dome so that animals can feel at home. The species and visitors enjoy this incredible innovation, feeling the wind and some sprinkles of rain on the skin, which is beautiful. There is a set time to visit as it opens at 10 am and closes at 6 pm. 

They also offer closer encounters with the animals, like snorkeling with piranhas and camping. It is one of the most exciting and beautiful places in the heart of Dubai, where visitors explore specific species and interact safely with them. It is one of the more visited family destinations where parents take their children to learn about these species.

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