Must Visit To Best Souks In UAE

Souk derived from Arabic language known as “Marketplace”. Over the years the goods on sale have diversified dramatically; today alongside the spices, silks and perfumes you’ll find electronic goods, souvenirs, clothing and household items. To observe the traditional way of UAE, none of other is the best way. Explore more locally in relaxed atmosphere with cultural highlights here are some best souks in UAE:

Camel Souk – Al Ain

The Camel Souk in Al Ain is the last of its kind in the UAE, offering a unique look at local customs. In the emirate of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain is also known as the garden city by locals, due to its comparative greenery; for tourists, it is the perfect spot to discover more about traditional Arabic culture. The souk can be difficult to access, around a half an hour taxi ride from the city center. Within the souk itself, camels are brought in via lorries and lined up for auction. The bidding can get quite heated and is a great experience for anyone looking to be immersed in the Emirati tradition. Note that while some locals try and sell tours for the souk, the market is still best explored by wandering around the pens. For the best experience, arrive early in the morning to avoid the midday heat. Camel Souk is located at Al Ain, Al Khair, United Arab Emirates

Carpet Souk – Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi’s Carpet Souk is an ideal place to source carpets from across the Middle East. With over 100 stores selling carpets, from Persian and Afghani origin to more local patterns and materials, this is one of the greatest spots for original, authentic goods. On most premium rates you can buy beautiful and elegant handmade Persian rugs. You can also purchase machine-made rugs at most economical rates possible. The array of vibrant colors, patterns and materials are sure to dazzle prospective buyers. This souk not only sells beautiful and comfortable carpets but you can also find a huge variety of prayer rugs and a diverse collection of other textiles and upholstery shops. As well as carpets, the souk is also renowned for its traditional, handmade Arabic Majlis cushions.

The Central Souk – Sharjah

Opened in 1979, Sharjah’s Central Souk, or Blue Souk, is a popular shopping location for the locals in the city. There are more than 600 shops in the complex, offering an eclectic mix of goods including jewelry, rugs, collectibles, perfumes, cosmetics, antiques and even cameras. The Central Souk is often considered to be one of the best places to buy oriental carpets in the whole of the Emirates. If you tire of shopping, your next stop should be the souk’s cafés and the nearby Khalid Lagoon, in itself a popular attraction.

Gold Souk – Dubai

The crowning jewel in Dubai’s collection of souks is its internationally renowned Gold Souk, located near Dubai’s famous creek, which can be crossed in a water taxi, locally referred to as an Abra. Once across the river, the souk’s myriad stalls emanate a glow from the golden shop windows full to the brim with bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, and brooches. The souk is monitored by the government which helps to maintain standards and ensure the gold is consistently genuine. The souk is renowned as the best place to source great-value gold, but the price of the jewelry can be almost halved through haggling, something of a Middle Eastern art form. The best time to visit this beautiful souk is in the evening; stalls stay open until 10 pm.

Explore the Dubai with its local locals and grab your favorite product. So, what are you looking for? Plan your tour to Dubai and make your vacations in more better way!


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