Have Historical Trip To Al Hisn Fort Museum

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This ancient and majestic fort was built in the year 1823. It is located right in the heart of the ancient Emirate of Sharjah. This fort served as Sharjah’s government headquarter and also as the residence of Al Qawasim, the ruling family. The fort has a big and lush green yard in the middle of it. Its construction was carried out in the squared architectural design. It consists of two main floors and three towers built for defensive purposes. The construction of this fort back in 1823, was considered as the most important and biggest construction in the entire Emirate. The fort was built with coral stones that were collected from the deep sea waters of the Arabian Gulf. The walls were covered with a light brown plaster, and the doors were made of teak wood. Mangrove trunks and parts of palm trees (fronds, leaves, and fibers) were used to build the ceilings.

The main objective behind the construction of this fort was to fortify the defense of the city and ensure the safety of its people. The solid thick walls, the mighty watchtowers, and many other defensive elements further strengthened the fort. The rooms of this fort are filled with a vast collection of ancient archaeological artifacts and pictures reflecting the rich past of the Emirate. The fort has its own jail built within, it is known as Al Muhalwasa jail. This jail is a perfect opportunity for you to get to know about the very first jurisdiction system of this emirate. You will also get the chance to find out how “dibs” (date molasses) were made in the past. Moreover, you will learn about the weapons and defense strategies used by the Sheikhs and their guards, as well as the lifestyle of the ruling family.

Al Hisn Fort with its mighty cannons and tall watchtowers targeting the vast sea protected Sharjah and its people from foreign invasion for about 200 years. With the changing times, the fort, which is now surrounded by the modern urban extensions that include the roadways and high-rise buildings, still remains a testament to long and proud history. With the help of renovation, the former magnificence as part of a broad 15-month renovation project, the fort is restored, featuring distinctive features including wind-scoops, columns that will attract tourists and visitors. The ancient planners of this emirate truly designed this fort as the lively heart of Sharjah, as it not only served as the residence of the royal family, and defender of the city but it was also the home to the Emirati justice.

This fort reflects the legacy and the rich heritage of Sharjah like no other building in the entire emirate. The team worked meticulously and carried out the conservation, many of the fort’s characteristic architectural features are now re-established. Offering an enriching experience that is going to allow visitors a unique sense through the different eras of Sharjah’s historical times. For years, the fort was the residence of the ruling Al Qasimi family, the base of Sharjah’s government, a prison and a police division. The government initiated the restoration work recently in order to bring the old glory back to the fort that defended the city for 200 years. The restoration work started during the reign of Sheikh Sultan Bin Sagar ll. The objective behind restoration work was to restore the original textures and colors with the help of beautiful coral stones specially imported from Abu Musa island.

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