Ain Dubai: Opening, Height, Technology & Facts

All About Ain Dubai_ Height, Opening, Technology & Facts
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Dubai is a city that never stops updating itself and it’s always exciting to live in Dubai. According to Meeras the world’s largest and tallest observation wheel, Ain Dubai will be open for business just before the 2020 Expo begins. As we all know that the future of Stunning Dubai will offer dynamic views for its visitors and its coastline from the bluewater island. In the future there will many iconic buildings will be introduced that make Dubai an even smarter and Innovative city. You can witness the sunset from the ain Dubai and it will look like a magical dream and from the deck, you will watch the famous attractions like Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, Burj al Arbab and others. Here are some facts you need to know about ain Dubai.


When we compare ain Dubai with London and Paris, ain Dubai will be taller. According to news, it will even taller than both high roller in Las Vegas and the upcoming new york wheel. But still, the exact height is a mystery and the only update about the height of ain Dubai will be more than 210 meters high and the completed height will be 260 meters. The ain Dubai wheel is full of thrill and adventure where you can watch everything in Dubai city.


The other interesting fact about the ain Dubai is that the parts of the ain Dubai wheel are made in Switzerland. Ain Dubai will introduce a bit of European style since 48 high tech passengers are being manufactures by the swiss rides on the behalf of min contractors and the other interesting fact about ain Dubai is that the 8 rim sections will be produced using the high grade german and Korean steel. So we can say that ain Dubai will be a UAE landmark with stunning international heritage.


The ain Dubai wheel weighs more than the Eiffel tower. The third interesting fact is the weight of ain Dubai Ferris wheel. Europe’s largest structure weighs 7,300 tons but the ain Dubai weighs is almost 25% more than the Eiffel tower( Estimated 9,000 tons). And in order to move the wheel to the right place, engineers use cranes with a lifting capacity of 3000 tons. So weight is another interesting fact for the viewers. The ain Dubai will leave you amazed with the stunning views of the city and amazing skylines.


Dubai is the city of tourism, many people come to visit the attractions from around the world. And Dubai is a city of innovation, technology and always expect the unexpected from Dubai city. And this time Ain Dubai Ferris wheel will fall in line with the overriding vision of the United Arab Emirates to make Dubai an amazing city by using smart technology. So Ain Dubai will introduce smart climate control during the 48 minutes long ride. And also the capsules will have an LED screen that offers the traveler information and there will be an led screen mounted on the screen as an electronic platform for advertising, broadcasting, and other information.


Ain Dubai will be located on the bluewater island and the reclaimed land by meares holding about 500m off the Jumeirah beach residence coastline. The place is a perfect combination of the island and the vibrant vibes of the city. The man-made island includes entertainment, peace, pure water, retails, and residential spots. The island also has two five-star hotels with direct access to the beach and also have residential buildings will all facilities. The island will also have 200 retails, Food, beverages shops and there will be also some entertainment zones on the ground floor. So don’t worry about the location and other activities you will enjoy there a lot.


One of the interesting facts is the name of the ain Dubai means eyes of Dubai. The ain is the Arabic word that means Eye in English. And the reason behind this name is that on this Ferris wheel you can witness the spectacular views of Whole Dubai city and can also take views of some famous attractions like Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and many others for a whole new perspective. This is the reason why some people refer to it as the Dubai eye Ferris Wheel with some even calling in the Dubai ain.


The other fact about ain Dubai is the timing and the opening date. The project was announced in 2013 and it is completed in 2020. The official opening date of ain Dubai is set for 20 October 2020. Ain Dubai is in its final stage of construction and ain Dubai set to open with the expo 2020. Another fact is the timing of ain Dubai it will be opened from 10 Am to 9:30 pm on daily basis. And if we talk about the tickets, tickets are not available yet currently the work is under observation and Ain Dubai will be open by the start of expo 2020.


You can get there by car, metro, and by taxi, that depends on you.


Ain Dubai has something for adventure lovers. One of the legs of this stunning wheel will have the highest rope climbing platform in the world. The city will be shattering two world records with one structure.

NOTE: Due to the pandemic era you have to follow some rules and regulations, Wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing and sanitizing your hands properly is compulsory. And you have to follow these guidelines just to control the spread of the disease. And you have to follow these guidelines while traveling to the world. The Ain Dubai gives you 360 degrees view of the city with a new perspective and you can enjoy the tour to Dubai, and this will be a once in a lifetime experience for all the visitors or for the locals.

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