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Abu Dhabi is the capital city of the United Arab Emirates and it is full of beauty and life and you would like to spend your holidays in Abu Dhabi. There are many amazing things that you can in Abu Dhabi include sailing and fishing and many cultural activities. The Emirate is different from other countries on the basis of great art and museums and there are many historical museums in the Arab Emirate. One of these museums is called Guggenheim Abu Dhabi. It has a mix of cultures and introduces the platform of original and international art. And this museum will help in building and enhancing the international concept of art history. The museum will have many showcases and many important artistic achievements that the world has seen to date.


The first thing to know about Abu Dhabi is the history of the Guggenheim museum. The foundation of this museum is based in 2006 and take the decision to introduce the platform of various arts that enhance the value of the historical landmark of Dubai. The company of tourism has signed the contract of establishing the Guggenheim museum. The museum is developed for the emirate students to know about the art of their country.


The Museum of Abu Dhabi is distinguished by the unique architectural design which is created by the professional architect by frank. Frank has created many special designs of many buildings include Guggenheim Museum. And it has space about 130,000 square feet of exhibition space. And all of Frank’s designs are inspired by the traditional Middle east culture also includes the life of Arab and art. Inside the museum, there is a separate room for the shows, and all these rooms are attached to each other by the glass bridges. Museum has a 350 seater theatre and an advanced conservation laboratory and a library.


The museum contains much contemporary and modern art with international achievements of 20 and 21 centuries that are found in Guggenheim Abu Dhabi museum. The museum also includes much artistic work internationally in addition to the 16th-century collection. The communication between different cultures through art is existing in all museums an also available in Guggenheim Abu Dhabi. The museum plays a vital role in Academic research. And there will a program that helps in connecting the past work with the present work. The section of the museum contains the Hall of the museum, a hall for private exhibition shows, The educational center, the Section for engineering and designing, the Center for technology and Art, and the laboratory section for reconstructing the Artistic work. You will enjoy the Art and Showcases and in this way, you can explore the cultural and traditional art of the United Arab Emirates.


The museum is located in an important and unique area of the city which is the cultural district of Saadiyat Island of Abu Dhabi. The district has many cultural projects and has a great position as a cultural and artistic center in the region. You can also witness the Saadiyat island and The Arab Gulf while standing in the Guggenheim Museum of Abu Dhabi.

You can also visit many enjoyable places in Abu Dhabi. But visiting Meusum can refresh your soul through art and culture and this can enhance your knowledge about history and art.

Try to visit this Guggenheim museum with your kids and family and give them a chance to explore and to know about the good art. A visit to Guggenheim Abu Dhabi leaves you amazed with its beautiful location, impressive and innovative art and architecture.


The other thing to know About the Guggenheim Museum in Abu Dhabi is its Exhibition and Its unique programs. It has a diverse collection of Artwork which ensures the Art and Visual Culture and Provides the Local, regional, And international Platform for the best artists. You can check out modern art from across the world, these displays represent the whole variety of mediums, objects, and art interpretations from past till present. Besides its permanent collection of art, it also offers several exhibition programs and Educational programs in order to explore, promote the culture of the United Arab Emirate. This will enhance the value of the Arab Country on a grand scale. And many people come to visit this Museum from all over the World.


The museum was scheduled to open in 2012 but due to some Observational Work, the construction has been delayed many times and it is predicted to open in 2020. And Guggenheim museum is not open yet so the daily timing is not yet Described.


You can visit the museum by bus or by car. Bus no 10, 103, 11 stop near the Guggenheim museum of Abu Dhabi. And on the personal car, you can see directions from the map.


You can witness the contemporary arts with diverse collections of visual culture. You can witness modern art from across the world mainly from 1960 to the present day. You can explore the culture of Abu Dhabi in a line with national and Islamic heritage. You can explore various collections as well as many educational and exhibition programs on a grand level. The museum is a unique blend of modern and traditional Arabian designs and you will be impressed by the stunning art and architecture on your first visit to the Guggenheim museum of Abu Dhabi.

Note: As we all Know, the Whole World Is going through the pandemic era and many projects have been delayed due to this situation. So wherever we are we need to follow some strict guidelines, On your visit, you need to wash your hands properly And wearing a mask is compulsory, And also maintaining Social Distancing just to control the spread of Covid-19 and for the wellbeing of your friends, family, and Special ones. You have to follow these rules otherwise you will have to pay a heavy fine. And this way you can enjoy your tour and this will be mesmerized and you can never forget this unique tour.

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