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Dubai Safari Park is a vast eco-friendly area that contains swathes of greeneries and parks inhabited with 2,500 animals from 250 different 250 species. Dubai Safari is located in Al Warqa near Dragon Mart in Dubai, the park is accessible through roads and highways, and however, it is linked to Dubai’s public transportation network. To reach the park, tourists need to use their own cars or ride cabs and taxis. Upon reaching the park you will find a large parking area with numerous parking lots. The park opens from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, it’s better to hit the park from the early beginning of the day as touring the whole area usually takes a half day.

The park comprised of three different themed parts each reflects an authentic cultural theme from around the world. The park contains Asian, Arabian, African, and the Safari Village. They all are totally worth your money and your time. It is highly recommended to get a combo package that can open your access to all villages. Each village is fitted to convey a true sense of its origin offering original environmental components brought from the related region as well as authentic animals. By entering the African Village, visitors will pass through a great ivory gate followed by two adjacent simple wooden huts while the main pass is shaded with entangled tree branches. The environment of the entrance is set to convey the true feeling of the African jungle. Even implemented colorations, designs, colors, and structures, they are employed in a way to serve this cause. You can see the animals spread around the African Village. They are mainly brought directly from African nature to the Safari Park in Dubai. Clusters of glass exhibits are available exhibiting gorillas, parrots, snakes, lizards, turtles, ostriches, lions, and many other species.

Strolling through the main path wading in the African part will take visitors to a large courtyard surrounded by many huts varying in size themed after the houses of ingenious African jungles inhabitants. This is the food court and it’s made to look alike a real village in Kenya or Madagascar. Birds are a vital part of African culture and so they have also housed the African sector placed in nice exhibitions fitted with water ponds, bushes, and suitable terrain to imitate their original environment in the savannah fields. The African area also features a safari where visitors can ride in air-conditioned safari vehicles for about an hour.

Next in the main route after the African Village is the Asian Village which is themed after the continents greatest building cultures and imitating its great civilizations. The village features Asia’s true animals like Indian tigers, elephants, etc.  You can see moon bears as well as gibbons an Asian village. You can also enjoy an Asian theater which shows various programs brought from many corners around the continent. The whole area is beautifully landscaped and full of original Asian flowers and trees. It even imitates in its landscaping style the famous traditional royal mansions of the Far East. The Arabian Village receives its visitors with a large tent-like building with similar small structures scattered here and there around the area. By touring around the Arabian Village, tourists will find native animals that live in the Middle East region like onyxes, gazelles, antelopes, ostriches, and others. Sitting in their glassed buses touring the area, visitors will find the Arabian village imitating the real Arabian atmosphere in all factors. This is veritably evident in the prevailing yellow color of sand covering most of the terrain as well as grown shrubs, artificial dunes, and hills. Dubai Safari Park is a terrific opportunity for anyone looking for discovering the hidden worlds of nature all over the planet.

So, Don’t miss out the trip to Dubai Safari Park whenever you are planning to have a tour to Dubai!


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