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The Dubai Museum and Al Fahidi Fort are located on the south of Dubai Creek in the AL Souk, Al Kabir area at 858 Street. The convenient way to get to the Dubai Museum and Fahidi fort is by taxi or hop on hop off bus. The Fahidi fort built-in 1787 was built as a fort and residence and later in Arsenal for artillery and weapons as well as a prison. Then it was renovated in 1971 as the Dubai museum. The Dubai Museum and Fahidi Fort display the history of Dubai. When you arrive there you head straight towards the ticket booth and enter in some small hallways and then to the center of the fort which had some displays. In this part, visitors can see some weapons in the center of the Fahidi fort.

There’s a model of local boats and bamboo houses with their traditional furniture. You may get a little bit confused if you don’t have a guide with you. Then you can head down to the underground museum. Follow the exit signs to the small door and it will take you down to the underground museum. In 1995 the underground museum was established and added to the old fort. The underground museum consists of wings: the monument wing displays antiques as well as pottery, weapons, tombs, buildings, and urban communities. The wing of Dubai contrasts the past and present. You can see a market in the 1950s in this wing that displays the common Dubai market with displays of vendors, shops, and goods sold in those times.

The city’s main historical Museum charts Dubai’s turbo-evolution from fishing and pearling village to the international center of commerce, finance, and business enterprise. It is fortified by 3 towers, Al Fahidi Fort served as the residence of the native rulers till 1896 and went through stints as a jail and a garrison before turning into a Museum in 1971. A durable teak door festooned with brass spikes offers gratitude to the court dotted with bronze cannons, ancient boats, and areas.

There’s also the traditional home of Masjid wing. The Oasis wing, the desert- stories of water and desert at night. There are also the astronomy and natural phenomenon wing and a sea wing which provides a glimpse into the shipbuilding and manufacturing of shipping equipment the profession of pearl diving, and the marine life of the Arabian Gulf.

At the end of the underground museum, the exit leads to a street exit. The Dubai Museum is an interesting museum to understand the growth of Dubai. It will take you an hour or more depending on your interest.

So, it would be your best historical experience while having on Trip to Dubai then what are you waiting for? Bag your pack and enjoy!

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