Waldorf Astoria Palm Jumeirah Dubai- Your Destination for vacation

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Set on the curved of Dubai’s iconic Palm Jumeirah and encircled by the clear blue waters of the Persian Gulf, the Waldorf Astoria truly is something spectacular. With the active multicultural city at your fingertips, 200 metres of private beach to enjoy and an outstanding array of luxury resort activities and facilities to take advantage of.

Hello everyone today I am going to tell you people about the beautiful Waldorf-astoria hotel in Dubai. This is one the most historic properties of Dubai. It is situated on the Crescent of Palm Jumeirah. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful areas and probably one of the best places to stay if you’re considering coming to Dubai on vacation.

It is a little bit of a way out of from the town but it is very classy, with great pools, great service and great access to the beach. You’ll notice the beautiful foyer and entrance way into the Waldorf Astoria. These hotels historically have one Grand clock that stands in the foyer of all Waldorf Astoria hotels around the world and it is no exception here in Dubai. You’ll notice the space and the elegance of the design of this hotel but it should also give you a good indication of the joys that follow inside which includes the blown glass chandeliers that adorn the foyer a very grandiose for a Dubai Hotel. You don’t often see fixtures and fittings like this around this region so amongst the hotels features it has an amazing kids pool lots of place for the family and family fun but also for the more discerning amongst us.

It has its own adults pool now this adults pool it’s has great service and it’s pretty one of the only pools in Dubai that is actually chilled so regardless of what the outside temperature. Remember in Dubai it can hit about 50 to 55 degrees which equals about a 120 degrees Fahrenheit maybe upwards of that but this pool will always remain chilled so it makes it a great location for those hot summer months.

So now let’s talk about the rooms now if we look around  the rooms and the interior they represents luxurious hotels and is probably one of the highest standards of five-star hotels in this region. You can see the light airy colors the blues and tones of the glorious ocean that surrounds palm Jumeirah. The amazingly appointed rooms and bedrooms are full of lights and very airy. The height of the ceilings, the excellent proportions of the fixtures and fittings, great lighting and mood ambience all of these things come with the best service as well so always know that this is the probably one of the best hotels you can stay. Up on to the bathroom you’ll nurse the freestanding baths which are very much cozy and comfortable with a television at the end of the bathtub, so you can while away the hours and the probably nursing some sunburn by watching your favorite movies whilst in the tub.

Here every room is designed to make you feel relaxed and comfortable with every luxury available one can imagine in five-star hotel. So, if you wish to get away from busy life and enjoy some luxurious weeks of your life then Waldorf Astoria is the right choice for you on your tour to Dubai!


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