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Dubai is a city that must be seen to be believed. Record-breaking architecture stands together with old-style quarters, while man-made islands jut out of the coastline. I’m going to tell you top restaurants in Dubai major restaurants that you would love to go to with your friends during the weekends I really hope you find some value in it.

So, first on my list is this gorgeous restaurant called a Farm that is located in the Alvar area of Dubai and it is like a lush tropical oasis that is an escape away from the city mayhem. It’s like you are transported into this greenery heaven that is like surrounded by lakes waterways and beautiful botanical gardens. It is just gorgeous and you would never imagine that you are in the middle of the desert. The menu here is really good it has a huge selection of international European and Thai cuisine.  So one tip I would give you before going there is to definitely book a table in advance especially during the weekends if you want a really nice table by the waterways. It seems to be just getting busier and busier so it is better to book your table in advance.

So next on the list is Jumeirah’s club Vista Marie which is located at the very start of the pound Jumeirah. It’s like a strip of restaurants here that are overlooking the sea. For one of my favorite places there is definitely there is restaurant and this is out of a huge selection of restaurants there, but this one is just so good it is a Peruvian Japanese-style restaurant and has become one of my favorites over the last couple of months. The food there is so good, they have loads of sushi and noodle dishes to choose from. The last time I was there for Friday brunch they actually surged me up lots of vegan options as well so I was so happy and they were absolutely delicious, one of my favorite dishes is definitely the Thai food on noodles with tofu and yeah it’s just so good and I would definitely recommend it.

Next on the list is Maison Matisse in the Arabian Ranches. This is a place I love to go to because the food is just incredible and it also is a great place for family and friend gatherings, if you do end up coming here for breakfast you need to try out the tolls champion yawn this is what I’m having today and it is absolutely a delicious, another favorite of mine is definitely the nachos and it is an absolute must try if you do go here. It has amazing high-quality food and it also has stunning views of the Arabian Ranches Golf Course. It is definitely a restaurant that you need to put on your list of restaurants to try.

Flamingos rooms is the next contender on the list and it is this gorgeous restaurant with the most incredible interiors it is like a mix of vintage chic and African glamour all mixed into one. loads of people compare it with sketch in London I haven’t been there but apparently, they’re very similar. menu is really good as well it has a huge section of seafood and a mix of continental and Mediterranean cuisine. it’s definitely a place that you could pick up something really nice and special for yourself or somebody else as a gift.

Next, Thai restaurant that is located in the waterways of the Jumeirah it is the most perfect place if you were looking for a romantic date night somewhere to bring family or friends or if you’re just in Dubai visiting and you want somewhere really special to eat and this is definitely the place to go so to get to the restaurant you go to the stunning Alcazar hotel you go down one level and you walk out onto the deck where you get an abrah which is the Arabic word for boat and the upper then brings you all the way to the restaurant it’s like very quick it’s like a 1 to 2 minute boat ride but it really makes the evening really special and you also get gorgeous views of the Burj Al Arab on your way. The food here is absolutely incredible. Any friends or family who I’ve ever brought here they’ve all said the same thing they’ve absolutely loved it so one of my recommendations is a Thai green curry it is absolutely delicious I’ve gotten it so many times and it is just so good so if you love Thai food and if you’re just looking for a really specialized you should definitely check this place out.

So, now you don’t need to worry about food in Dubai while planning trip to Dubai. This will help you to decide the restaurant of your own choice.

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