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In the Museum of Illusions Dubai, you can admire a world of optical illusions and incredible 3D installations. Thanks to the many pictures filled with optical illusions, you can fool your brain into this museum. The collection of the museum counts 80 different optical illusions, including a Vortex tunnel that will give visitors the impression that the ground is moving. There is also a special room in the museum that gives you the impression that you are shrinking as you walk through the room depending on where you are standing in the room.

The museum of illusions will take you on a journey full of entertainment and magical fun which is delightful for every age. It’s a perfect place for new experiences, fun with friends and family and is unique in this part of the Middle East. It is not only a place for children to play and learn, but also for parents, couples, grandmothers, and grandfathers. See what else we offer; you won’t believe your eyes. You will need to gather up all of your courage and bravery to experience the illusion in the vortex tunnel which is first of its kind in the entire UAE. The tunnel will drive you crazy and make you believe the ground is shifting under your feet as you navigate through a rotating cylinder – which surprisingly remains a stable and flat surface!


Disfigure your reflection in the Mirror Room, cut yourself loose in the Infinity Room, and resist the laws of gravity and shapes, all the while taking amazing pictures of yourself in every possible pose. Unlike many other museums, you are encouraged in the Museum of Illusions to sit on the artworks and exhibitions. You can spend hours on brain-breaking puzzles. Play games against your friend’s end look who solves the puzzle first. And keep in mind that simultaneously the games make you smarter. You can buy souvenirs to pass on brain teasers to family members or friends. Have fun and take photographs during the visit to the museum. The Museum of Illusions in Dubai is not a museum with a new and unique concept, the museum has expanded rapidly after its first location in Croatia in 2015 next into Austria (Vienna), Germany (Berlin), Croatia (Zadar), Serbia (Belgrade) and Slovenia (Ljubljana).

The museum concept moves the Pacific Ocean to Canada and the United States with new locations in Toronto, New York, and Kansas City. There is also a variant of the museum to admire in Asia in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur. The museum of illusions is not the first one in the middle east. It is already located in Oman and Muscat. It is also expected to open in Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

In the next couple of years but Dubai’s museum of illusions is the largest Museum of Illusions in the world. No other museum of illusion houses that many illusions in one place as this museum in Dubai does.  Then what are you waiting for?It is highly recommended to have tour to Dubai Illusion Museum. Plan your trip to Dubai and have fun!


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