Enjoy Emirates Park Resort Abu Dhabi With Family

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Emirates Park Resort Abu Dhabi is a heaven on earth for animal lovers. One of the biggest achievements of this resort is that it is the first private zoo in the entire UAE. Its collection of animals is over 1700 and this vast collection includes majestic animals like Siberian bears, zebras, cheetahs, lions, and white tigers. All housed in the zoo’s safe Wild Animals and Predators enclosures. This attraction has an innovative design for keeping the visitors and inhabited animals cooled down by the whole park-wide misting system. You can find the Emirates Park Resort directly connected to the zoo, which features air-conditioned rooms with balconies overlooking the cave, zoo, and garden.

In this resort, they also provide their visitors a chance to enjoy breakfast with giraffes. The children get a chance to ride poneys or horses and also some of the friendliest animals. It tends to get hot and humid during summer months and many of the animals stay in their shelters so we recommend visiting the zoo during colder months from October till June. This attraction may be a small private zoo as a whole, the animal enclosures are not as big as in Al Ain zoo but here the conditions are absolutely better than that of Dubai zoo. You do not need to linger at any particular animal exhibit for too long as you will be able to do a complete tour of the zoo including the Ocean Park (which is an indoor aquarium exhibit) in under two hours. Take a tour with the Emirates Park zoo in Abu Dhabi that houses a variety of elephants, giraffes and many more.

The trip is sure to delight your whole family, especially if you’re coming with kids.  Here you get the liberty to even interact and touch 16 different species of animals including the great majestic Asian elephant and also enjoy your delicious lunch at the zoo. The access to Gateway Park is just 8kms away, which is totally worth traveling as this attraction also features live performances, water slides, and sundeck. The venue comprises 83 rooms. Additional amenities include housekeeping service, porter service and wake up service. The accommodation is located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, with quick access to a motorway. Many attractions in Abu Dhabi are within walking distance, such as Deerfield Mall and Emirates Park Zoo. All its comfortable rooms come with a balcony, armchairs and smoke detectors. Enjoy city views while staying at this hotel. Take advantage of a kettle, a toaster, and glassware available in the kitchen. The restaurant is located on-site offering freshly cooked meals. The café bar is a property to relax with refreshing drinks. There is a year-round outdoor swimming pool with a poolside bar and waterfalls for an enjoyable stay.

If you are in-country with your family then this attraction is a perfect place and most suitable must visit place for you. This attraction is basically a small but fantastic private zoo and also the part of Emirate park resort with a versatile collection of wildlife animals. Visiting an exciting park can be a wonderful way to spend your weekend with your children and make them busy. Kids will love to explore the zoo and have fun.

There are much more to explore, so what are you looking for? Plan a trip to Abu Dhabi and make your vacation best with wonderful attractions!


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