Tips when Buying Gold at the Deira Gold Souk

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It’s some time funny buying gold in an open market and gets even risky if you are visiting the shop for the first time. Are you on a trip to Dubai and have a plan to the best places to visit in Dubai, particularly to Gold souks? The best and the famous is the Deira Gold Souk if you have a wish to buy gold. Watch below to know about the Deira Gold Souk and few tips for you to buy gold from Deira Gold Souk.

Deira Gold Souk:

The Deira Gold Souk dates to 1940s when Gold merchants from Iran and India started their Gold stalls in the Deira area. Presently the Deira has already developed into a crowded metropolis in Dubai with around 300 retail gold shops in the Deira lanes. It is estimated that approximately ten tons of gold is displayed at any given time across the 300 shops, and the ornaments glittering in the glass cupboards are considered pure and original. However, though this is the cheapest gold market and best place to visit in Dubai for gold, and despite the local vigilant police constantly puts restrictions to check fraudulence and cheating, follow the tips below to benefit the most, before you buy gold from the Deira gold souk.

  • Find out the electronically price display board and study the prices of gold. Check the latest price or the present (at the moment) price of Gold. Gold is sold on carat and weighed in grams. You should make up your mind how much gold you are going to buy, before you go to Deira Gold Souk.

  • As you move into the market you will find two basic types of shops, the vendors and the shops. You need to avoid the vendors because they are not closely monitored by the police as the shops and you may be falling prey to fake gold.

  • As you enter the gold shops, you will find the sellers are well equipped with English and eagerly showing you the items. You will find almost same types of ornaments displayed in the 300 shops. Choose the one which you like the most from one shop. Don’t try to buy one from one shop and the other from another because you cannot bargain effectively for fewer items.

  • Keep in mind you can never bargain on the price of the gold. It is the making charges or the craftsmanship prices on which you can bargain. You can either ask or find from the display about the making charges or craftsmanship of the ornaments, they are normally around 30% or a little more of the total cost of the ornament. You can start bargain from the lowest price but be flexible in your entire process of barter. The sales person may at first deny you to give at such a so low price but in the process, he will ask you how much you will finally quote to pay.

It is often tricky to barter effectively when you are at the best places to visit in Dubai for the purpose of your gold purchase. Keep the above tips in mind and get the gold ornaments of your choice at the best price in Deira Gold Souk in Dubai.


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