10 things to do at Dubai Shopping Festival 2018

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Dubai Shopping Festival, a unique multi-cultural, multi-lingual, and diversified assimilation of consumers, sellers, travellers, tourists, and on-lookers you will ever find anywhere in the world. So large is the multitude of traders, buyers, and shops along with the items or commodities, you cannot imagine. Plan your trip to this best place to visit in Dubai in January which will give you the opportunity to witness the marvellous shopping festival in Dubai as well as shop and visit other unique places in and around Dubai.

One of the crazy things about Dubai shopping festival is shopping here is tax exempted by the ITR world tax, which will make mad of you to purchase the bulk of favourites which you may have got from other places in other period of the time or year. If you are in Dubai in January and is confused about what to visit in Dubai, the ultimate answer is Dubai Shopping Festival.

The Dubai Shopping Festival 2019 is starting in December 2018 and will last till January 2019. Interestingly there is no specific place where the Dubai Shopping Festival takes place; it takes place in and around all the places in Dubai. If you wish to gain the best out of Dubai Shopping Festival, look below to find what to buy and where to buy in Dubai Shopping Festival, and a few best places to visit in Dubai.

What to buy in Dubai Shopping Festival:

  1. Electronics:

    You must never forget to buy electronics items from Dubai Shopping Festival, because you can get branded qualities at a cheapest price you will never find anywhere in the world because they are tax free. Find your favourite brands namely Sony, Apple, Acer, Bose, Fujitsu, Cross Gold, and many more original and quality electronic items at a very cheaper price.

  2. Clothes and garments:

    The Dubai Shopping Festival is the house to largest collection of clothes and garments from around the world. You can find original and branded items from latest jeans to gorgeous party dresses of brands like Jack and Jones, Armani, Burberry, Christian, Rodeo Drive, Billionaire, BOGGI, BEBE and many more here.

  • Home Decor:

    Purchase your dream home décor, particularly the elegant Arabian Carpet heavily discounted up to 50% to 70% of the total price in Dubai Shopping Festival.

  1. Gold Ornaments:

    It is beyond arguing that the gold ornaments from Dubai Deira are the best in terms of quality or purity, and design or craftsmanship in the world. When it comes to price, gold from Deira during Dubai shopping Festival is unbeatably cheaper that will make you amazed.

  2. Leather items:

    Dubai is famous for its quality leather products in the world. All branded leather items are available in Dubai Shopping Festivals with cheaper tax-free prices including Prada, Sharief, Condotti, and others.

  3. Cosmetics and perfumes:

    All elite brands of world-class perfumes and cosmetics are usually available in normal Dubai market. In January Dubai Shopping Festival, you will get the top costly cosmetics and perfumes like De Beers, Burberry, and Chanel in a great cheap price.

  • Watches and eye-glasses:

    Very expensive diamond studded watches and eye-glasses particularly from the brands like Rado, Rolex, Cartier, Burberry etc. can be available with reasonably cheaper prices in Dubai Shopping Festival.

  • Where to Shop:

    Dubai is famous for its shopping malls and souks. You can choose any one from big malls around like Bur Juman, Mall of emirates, Ibn Battuta etc. and can visit souks like Deira gold souk and Deira perfume souk for shopping.

  1. What to visit:

    There are plenty of famous places to go around in Dubai. If you are looking for best places to visit in Dubai, that will include Burj Khalifa, Dubai fountain in Burj Khalifa lake, Dubai Marina, Dubai Aquarium, a numbers of family theme parks, roof top bars and restaurants etc.

  2. Desert Experience:

    Whatever the best places to visit in Dubai can be said to be available in other places too, but the Dubai desert safari is the rarest of experience you will find in other places in the world. Take a camel desert safari adventure at least once in a life time for a life-time’s memory.

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